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World News | Iran’s envoy to Afghanistan expresses concern over expansion of country’s drug production


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kabul [Afghanistan]June 22 (ANI): Iran’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Saeed Ilawani expressed concern at the Security Council meeting on Wednesday over the expansion of Islamic State and al-Qaeda and the expansion of drug production in Afghanistan, Kama Press reported.

Kama News Agency is the largest online news service in Afghanistan.

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Irawani said that the number of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan is increasing, and neighboring countries and regional countries feel serious threats.

Iran’s envoy to the United Nations said drug trafficking in Afghanistan had not been completely eradicated and illegal activities continued in the country. According to Sharq daily, Irawani further raised concerns about the expansion of Afghan testing laboratories for processed drugs such as methamphetamine.

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The Iranian envoy has criticized the Taliban for its repressive policies against women and the group’s reluctance to form an inclusive government in which different ethnic groups, political affiliations, women and youth are represented.

According to Kama Press, Shaq Daily quoted Irawani as saying, “Afghan authorities are deliberately trying to destroy Afghans’ linguistic, cultural and historical ties with Persian and to impose the dominant Pashtun culture to other nations”.

Irawani also accused the Taliban of changing the demographics of the Hazara and Tajik-dominated province.

Iran’s permanent representative called on the international community to “constructively interact” with the Taliban, adding that further isolation of the Taliban’s de facto regime was not in the interest of the Afghan people.

Iran’s envoy to the United Nations expressed optimism about the Afghan economy, saying that “asset freezing and imposition of unilateral sanctions” had plunged the country into poverty and a humanitarian crisis, according to Kama Press. (Arnie)

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