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World News | JCB issues 1 million credit cards in India

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Tokyo, [Japan]March 4, (ANI): Japanese company JCB is one of the most reliable credit card brands in the world.

The total number of people using these credit cards is 150 million, and the annual transaction volume is about 37 trillion yen. As the first international payment brand based in Asia, the company has contributed to the expansion of the global payment industry.

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In India, JCB issued 1 million Rupay (Rupee payments) cards. Its market is expected to grow by 30% in the next 5 years.

Satoru Mori, director of JCB Card International (South Asia), said, “When customers use the ‘Rupay-JCB Card’ in India, they can use the Rupay card in most stores. They can get preferential treatment in stores and airport lounge access. Indian customers When shopping abroad, for e-commerce shopping and international trade, customers can use the JCB card.”

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“In addition, JCB has its own service, which provides airport lounge-like services in each tourist destination. This service is highly rated by our customers. JCB has offices in each country. Based on JCB’s cooperation with With good relationships between these stores, customers can get preferential services,” Sen added.

JCB is also developing unique services for Indian customers. It is a campaign targeting a country frequently visited by Indians. For example, customers holding JCB cards issued in India can get up to 40% off in Singapore, Thailand and Bahrain.

Mori Wu also said, “When Indian customers use JCB cards in other countries, we want them to feel good. Our partner banks promote JCB cards based on such advantages. It is important for Indian customers to be familiar with JCB. JCB is a credit card payment Brand, it is convenient for customers to use abroad and enjoy various services. Our theme is how Indians are familiar with JCB cards. Considering the advantages of JCB’s development of card business.

JCB’s strategy will help accelerate business development and contribute to the global economy in many different ways. (Arnie)

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