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11 stories you need to read


PR Newswire rounds up the week’s most newsworthy entertainment industry press releases, including the most popular concerts of the summer.

New York, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With thousands of press releases published each week, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on PR Newswire. To help journalists covering the entertainment and media industries stay on top of the week’s most newsworthy and popular stories, here’s a roundup of the week’s can’t-miss stories.

The list below includes titles (with links to the full text) and excerpts from each story. Click on a news release title to access accompanying multimedia assets available for download.

  1. StubHub’s summer 2023 tour preview: Taylor Swift and Beyoncé stole the spotlight with record demand
    Adam BoudleyA StubHub spokesperson said, “While Taylor has hit the headlines with unprecedented demand, the genre that has taken center stage this summer has been country music. Compared to this time last year, we’re seeing demand for the top 10 country music artists on StubHub tripled.”
  2. Anton/Bauer Presents Salt-E Dog: The Future of Sustainable Film and TV Production – Powered by Sodium
    The Salt-E Dog is ideal for location shoots and productions that require emission-free and noise-free power. By using sodium-based energy, batteries create a healthier and more comfortable environment for production crews and talents.
  3. Chuck E. Cheese Summer Concert Roadshow returns for third annual family event
    The band will tour nine new cities, giving fans a whole new experience Chuck E. Cheese and his friends.band composition Chuck E. Cheese, helen henneyJasper T. Jowls and Mr. Munch will join Bella B. in their live debut.
  4. Telos Announces Strategic Partnership with GameStop to Expand Web3 Gaming The partnership will enable users to enjoy Web3 games powered by Telos, a decentralized blockchain with proven scalability, affordability, low carbon footprint, and impressive continuous uptime Record.
  5. Nikon Announces Judging Panel for the 49th Annual Nikon Small World Contest
    “For nearly five years, the Nikon Small World Competition has been the showcase for the best in scientific imaging and microscopy,” said Eric Frame, Senior Manager, Communications and CRM, Nikon Instruments. “Our expert jury plays an integral role in identifying images and videos that inspire curiosity and creative thinking around the world.”
  6. N Film Protection $100 million Transforming Hollywood with true diversity, inclusion, and care for emerging actors and writers
    N FILMS pioneers innovative approaches to managing creative teams and processes and discovering exceptional talent globally. Its unique “Inclusive Royalty Program” revolutionizes the way contributors to film development and production earn income, ensuring that every collaborator receives lifetime income from their ideas and effort.
  7. Gel Blaster Unveils Gel Blaster Portal: Revolutionizing Gaming by Bringing Real-World Video Games to the Outdoors
    The Gel Blaster Portal’s cutting-edge shot-sensing technology connects real-world blaster gameplay with a range of online games and challenges. Users can practice accuracy, play one of the many built-in games, choose single or multiplayer game modes, or wirelessly network multiple Portal targets together for the ultimate backyard blasting tag game.
  8. tony award & Carnegie Mellon University Presentation of the 2023 Excellence in Theater Education Award to Jason Zembuch Young florida plantation
    The Excellence in Theater Education Award was co-founded by the Tony Awards and CMU in 2014 to recognize top K-12 theater teachers and celebrate arts education.
  9. BTL Presents Emfest: A Unique Fusion of Wellness and Music at Pasea Resort and Spa in Huntington Beach
    Emfest aims to create an immersive experience that combines the transformative power of music with the pursuit of holistic well-being. The event will bring together renowned wellness experts, musical artists and enthusiasts from all walks of life to create a harmonious environment where attendees can rejuvenate mind, body and soul.
  10. DISH Media Brings Linear TV to Digital Advertising with DISH Connected™
    This breakthrough solution delivers real-time, targeted advertising to connected DISH set-top boxes, allowing advertisers to access DISH inventory in the same way as SLING TV campaigns.
  11. Earn points for memorable Campari-inspired creations in two weeks at the 76th Festival de cannes
    Julka Villa, Head of Global Marketing, Campari Group, commented: “With each event, we aim to inspire and immerse ourselves in the global cinematic world through the red lens of Campari, and achieve the heights expected from Campari and Festival de cannes. Now we look forward to next year! “

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