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Behold: A Massive Chair Crafted from a 150-Year-Old Tree through 15,000 Hours of Recycling Efforts

150-Year-Old Tree As the doors of COP28 opened to visitors in the UAE on Monday, one extraordinary attraction stole the spotlight— the ‘Throne of Peace.’ Positioned near the UAE pavilion in Expo City’s Green Zone, this ornamental giant chair became an instant star, captivating crowds with its unique blend of artistry and environmental consciousness.

Nature Transformed: Crafting a Masterpiece from a 150-Year-Old Tree

Crafted from a 150-year-old tree, weighing an impressive 2.2 tons, and the result of a staggering 15,000 hours of recycling, the Throne of Peace emerged as a testament to seamless integration. Artist Sheikh Ali Almualla, the local creator, skillfully blended nature’s elegance with intricate craftsmanship, showcasing the grandeur of sustainable art.

A Journey Across Continents: From Java to Sharjah: 150-Year-Old Tree

The massive tree’s origin traces back to the island of Java in Indonesia, making its way to Sharjah in the UAE. A dedicated team of nine technicians, experts in blacksmithing, sculpture, fiberglass, and painting, undertook the challenge of transforming this colossal tree into a masterpiece.

Dimensions of Grandeur: The Throne’s Spectacular Design

Standing tall at 550 centimeters, with a width of 500 centimeters and a depth of 700 centimeters, the Throne of Peace sets an example in sustainability. Andor Steven, from Ardeco, the decor and furniture factory in Sharjah that collaborated on the project, explained the narrative embedded in the throne’s design, symbolizing nature’s resilience, strength, and constancy.

Nature’s Legacy: A Throne Built from Trunk to Seat

The throne’s base, formed from the colossal trunk, showcases weathered yet resilient bark supporting the imposing structure. The seat, a polished slab reflecting mesmerizing patterns of light, bears embedded knots and natural imperfections, narrating the unique history of the tree.

A Moving Masterpiece: Wheels, Crane, and Hydraulic Innovation

Equipped with wheels for easy movement and a hydraulic crane, the Throne of Peace combines art with practicality. This innovation allows for effortless lowering, rising, and mobility, making it an interactive experience for visitors.

Enchanting All Ages: From Children’s Delight to Global Admiration: 150-Year-Old Tree

Both children and adults found joy in experiencing COP28 on the UAE National Day holiday. The Throne of Peace, with its captivating design, became a popular spot for visitors to pause, sit, and capture memorable photos, creating an immersive and interactive experience.

Global Impressions: Conservation and Sustainability on Display

Visitors, like 10-year-old British expat Aaron Ringrose, expressed their fascination, while Tonny Kasinja from Rwanda praised the throne’s portrayal of nature and commended the UAE’s conservation efforts. The Throne of Peace not only captivates with its artistic brilliance but also stands as a symbol of sustainable practices, enriching the COP28 experience with its environmental narrative.

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