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1923 Episode 2 Review: Talk Is Sheep


this week is not a holiday 1923But anyway, the Paramount+ drama brought us something: one of Spencer Dutton’s extremely rare smiles.

Of course, fleeting. Yes, we’re pretty sure he has a nine-to-one ratio of sorrow to joy. But let’s take a look back at the events and characters that brought us to that blissful moment, as well as the other major action in episode 2, “Nature’s Empty Throne” (all sheep drama!).

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Life number nine? Check! | The episode starts with the leopard attacking Spencer, they get into a fight, and it ends up getting off him and running away. He missed the shot? Just then, Spencer’s assistant ran over, calling his name. He barely said “I’m here!” before the elusive cats reappeared and shot down one of them. Spencer and another assistant followed as the spotted bastard dragged the man away. They speared the cat and shot it dead, but it was too late for their friend: Although Spencer took off his shirt and used it to stop the wounded man’s torn throat, the leopard’s The victim died quickly. Spencer strode into the dining tent, grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass, pushed everything off the table, and calmly asked the assembled tourists if they smoked.

They did, and his eyes lit up as they watched him in shock. Spencer then asked Holland, the safari director, to take them back to the tent so that one of the guests, a doctor, could clean up the deep, dirty scratches the leopard had left on him. When that’s all done, and arrangements are being made to bring home the fallen Kagiso, Holland just wants to talk about what it’s like for Spencer to go head-to-head with the beast. But Spencer didn’t. First, he pointed out that Holland had no regrets about Kagiso’s death. He then pointed out that the cats were a breeding pair that always hunted together, but Holland only showed them one set of tracks. “You know,” Spencer said, pointing the gun at the man, who visibly—and guiltily—whitened. Things escalate until Spencer’s gun just goes over the man’s head and down his throat, and only when Holland blares an apology over and over does Spencer relent… but he makes sure Holland knows The only reason he’s alive is because Spencer needs a morning ride to Nairobi.

“Let’s look death in the face” | The next time we see Spencer, he’s drinking in a hotel bar in Nairobi, where he’s the object of a group of British women’s obsessions. A man named Alexandra approaches him to flirt and determine his career. Once she identified him as a hunter (who volunteered to say he worked for the Kenyan protectorate), the others rushed in. Apparently Spencer’s reputation is on the rise. “You are Spencer Dutton, an American war hero who hunted cannibals,” gushed one woman. Alexandra doesn’t seem as giddy as her friend; she asks him, why would he do it if it wasn’t for romance? “Because death is the most alive feeling you’ll ever feel,” replied Spencer, apparently a figure in Hemingway’s novels. “Can’t you see the romance in it?” she wondered, the moment between them getting so tense that one of her friends rushed over to remind her she was engaged, and the ladies left.

Later, Spencer’s boss informed him that he was heading to Tanganyika to exterminate a spotted hyena attacking railway workers, and that his car would be waiting in the morning.

Elsewhere in the hotel restaurant, Alexandra’s father celebrated her engagement with a lavish dinner. She smiled at his toast, gulped down the champagne, and left the table quickly. She ran to the balcony, struggling to breathe deeply. When her friend Jennifer caught up, Alexandra admitted she didn’t want to get married. “I’m a real estate trader, Jennifer,” she cried. “That’s all.” Jennifer retorted that her fiancé was nice, but there are plenty of men who aren’t. She cheered her up a bit and went back to the party while Alex had another moment to himself. That moment took her to another bar in the hotel, where she found Spencer and they joked about— this close A kiss – before her fiancé finds them and leaves with him.

The next morning, they saw each other from across the parking lot and exchanged a nod (how did they do that? That flirt? ) before he takes off. But as his car pulled out of the driveway, Alex made up his mind. She grabbed her suitcase—it looked like her engagement party was going on a trip—and ran after Spencer’s car. “Are there any seats left?” She asked when the car stopped. When Spencer said it wasn’t true, she threw the bag in and climbed inside. “Where I’m going is dangerous,” he warned her. “So let’s face death, shall we?” she replied cheekily. So he smiles and lets the car start up again, with Alexandra yelling “Find someone who loves you!” to her jilted fiancé as she chases the vehicle.

No more mr.Nice Dutton | Back in Montana, Jacob and others further back in the cattle yard hear the gunfire we saw at the end of the last episode. As they run to the top of the hill, we see Jack pinned under the horse, his gun just out of reach. A shepherd took aim at him, but the man was killed by a bullet from Jack’s men. After a brief firefight, Dutton, the oldest, rode up to Banner Creighton, who held up his hands in surrender. That didn’t stop Jake from repeatedly pistol-whipping him and yelling at the “prairie maggots” (aka sheep) he’d been grazing on Dutton’s land. There’s more yelling—Banner says they didn’t shoot, Jack says they did. Jack had some of his men herd the sheep to the reservation, then put a noose around the necks of Banner and his three colleagues as they rode on horseback. “You attacked my family. It will be the last thing you do,” Jack told him calmly before yelling “YES!” ride away.

One of the exhausted men was immediately hanged as his horse rode behind Dutton’s group. Banner urged others to remain still as they tried to free their bound hands, to no avail. Soon, the other three were writhing in the wind, and he was the only one still sitting on the horse.

“I gave those people a chance,” Jack explained to Jack as they sat by the fire that night, “because I wanted them to tell the world what happened when they pissed me off.” Jack looked vaguely Feeling scared, like he didn’t know his uncle felt this way. The look on Old John’s face is also interesting, though slightly less readable.

Back at the hanging, one of the others’ horses returned, and Banner was lucky enough to reach into the saddlebag and pull out a knife. He used it to cut off his own hands, then climbed his own rope high enough to cut himself off. He fell to the ground with a thud, coughing and wheezing badly, but he was alive and happy.

maids | Back at the ranch, Kara sat outside because she heard the dog barking at something. Emma joins her, reporting that Elizabeth is upstairs singing and waltzing as she prepares for her wedding reception. They talk about how soft she is thanks to her growing up primarily in Boston and spending summers in Montana. Emma talks about how much she hopes Jack’s future wife will “lighten the heat of the next generation,” but that doesn’t seem to be the case. “Honey, it looks like your son is getting married to petrol and the fire is only going to grow,” Kara commented. She then admitted she was sitting outside because the house felt empty after the man was gone, and Emma thought the same.

not helpful at all | A Native American woman walks into the office and announces that she has come to see the supervisor. The white woman behind the desk seemed unwilling to help her and instead asked her to sit and wait. An old Native American man was also waiting; he told the newcomer he had an appointment too…had been sitting there for two days.

When the woman finally went to Superintendent Voss, she told him that her granddaughter went to school in Dakota (“North Dakota,” he corrected her condescendingly), and that the girl “before they took her” and She lives together. She wanted her granddaughter to attend a Baptist day school on the reservation, but he said that was not possible because the girl’s mother was dead and her father was away grazing cattle on the reservation while she lived with her grandmother. Together, she is not at her primary residence with her family. (It’s infuriating to type, and even more infuriating to hear Voss repeating this nonsense to her grandmother in a holier-than-thou tone.)I It’s her family,” the woman retorts. His only, unhelpful suggestion? The grandmother should formally adopt her granddaughter. She leaves. (Side note: Teonna must be her granddaughter, right?)

Elsewhere, Zane and the flock arrive at the reservation, where he gives the flock to a group of Native Americans on horseback. They looked a bit confused, which was understandable, but then someone gave Zane a knife as a thank you to Jacob. Back at the main herd, Jacob thought they had reached a good place to stay for a while. He instructed Old John to pick three cowboys to stay with the animals, and the rest of the cowboys cheered as they prepared to go home.

TEONNA’S LIFE GET WORSE | Being in a torture chamber, er, Catholic school for Native American girls, means Sister Mary is back to her harsh and demanding ways, but she seems a little scared of Teonna after the premiere. Girls are taught to be a kind, obedient prairie wife—sweeping the floors, doing the laundry—but Teonna keeps brewing. At dinner, when she saw maggots wriggling in the food, she was supposed to thank God in English, but instead she murmured in her mother tongue: “I’d rather be beaten than eat this”. Sister Mary ran to slap her; Teonna responded by slamming the nun onto the table.

That led her to a “hot box,” a narrow structure that looked similar to a toilet, that night. “If you ever say that dirty word at my school again,” Father Renault threatened her, “I’ll bury you alive. The world will die with you.” When she was taken out, God knows how many hours later, she had a fever and could barely stand. She was soaking in an ice bath, and a nun acted as if she would clean her up, but used it as an excuse to touch her in an inappropriate sexual way; only the presence of Sister Mary stopped the abuse from spreading further. Sister Mary – in impressive attire – told Teona she was the one there to help her learn skills that would help her “thrive as a mother and wife”. Then she beat her up and said, “I swear I’ll kill the Indian on you, and I’ll keep my word.” Before she left, the nun swore, “If you lay hands on me again, I’ll kill the rest of you .”

Now it is your turn. What do you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments!

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