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2 Emiratis showcase UAE passport strength, driving Abu Dhabi to London through 14 countries

Two Emirati adventurers, Sultan Al Nahdi and Thiyab Al Mansoori, embarked on an awe-inspiring road trip that took them from the heart of Abu Dhabi to the vibrant city of London. Their journey covered an impressive distance of 9,000 kilometers and passed through a total of 14 countries spanning two continents.

Beyond being a personal adventure for Sultan and Thiyab, this road trip also served as a powerful testament to the strength of the Emirati passport. With visa-free entry to a staggering 179 countries, the Emirati passport allowed them seamless travel across borders, making their expedition possible.

Sultan expressed with immense pride, “The distinguished status of the UAE in the world and the strength of our passport made our journey possible, overcoming obstacles that might have otherwise hindered our adventure.”

The meticulous planning for this ambitious expedition took close to a year. Sultan and Thiyab wanted to ensure they were well-prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead. “The preparations were strenuous, especially ensuring that ‘Abu Shnab,’ our trusted vehicle, was well-equipped to endure the long expedition. We conducted comprehensive maintenance checks to ensure a smooth ride and invested in essential equipment for the trip,” added Al Nahdi.

Their journey took them through a mesmerizing array of landscapes, cultures, and customs. Over the course of approximately 30 days, the duo cruised through Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and finally, their destination, the United Kingdom.

From the outset, the expedition encountered various hurdles, with many friends cautioning them about the complexities of navigating multiple countries by car.

However, propelled by their unwavering determination and the love for adventure, Sultan and Thiyab pressed on, supported by the belief that their journey could serve as a testament to the beauty of their homeland and the warmth of its people.

Throughout their travels, the Emirati adventurers also recounted amusing incidents and heartwarming encounters. While crossing the Ibrahim Khalil border between Turkey and Iraq, they encountered delays, but a chance encounter with a helpful local named Yusuf Al Turki led to an invitation to his home, providing them with cherished memories.

They highlighted the opportunities their expedition offered to forge new friendships and gain insights into various cultures.

Having successfully completed their first road trip, Sultan revealed that they have already set their sights on a future adventure that may span up to two years. Eagerly anticipating the upcoming journey, they have entrusted their beloved “Abu Shnab” to a friend in the Netherlands, knowing that the next expedition promises to be even more thrilling and filled with enriching experiences.

This remarkable road trip not only showcased the spirit of adventure and determination of Sultan Al Nahdi and Thiyab Al Mansoori but also demonstrated the power and convenience of holding an Emirati passport. As they continue to explore the world, their journey serves as an inspiration to others to follow their dreams and explore the vast wonders our world has to offer.

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