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2023 CWC Qualifiers Ninth Place Play-Off: UAE narrowly beats USA by one point with thrilling final goal


this 2023 International Cricket World Cup Qualifier 9th place play-off match between United States of America (USA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE) The match at Gohinga Sports Club turned out to be another last-goal thriller as the UAE won by just one point.

roll the dice to win, Emirates opted to bat first and conceded four wickets in their allotted 50 overs for a challenging total of 308. Aryansh Sharma He scored 57 points in 72 pitches for the UAE.However, the best performance comes from Asif Khan, with 12 fours and six full runs in a brilliant innings of 151 runs off 145 balls. Basil Hameed scored 44 runs in 43 pitches.

Sohrab Netravalka and Ali Khan It was the US bowler’s choice to take one and two wickets respectively.

In response, the US fought hard but failed miserably, finishing on 307 runs, conceding nine wickets. Monanke Patel Hit a vital 61 runs in 66 pitches, including three fours and a six, while aaron jones Patient innings, 103 balls, 75 points. Gayanand Singh He also had a clutch inning, scoring 69 runs in just 44 pitches, hitting eight fours and two sixes. Despite their efforts, the UAE bowlers kept their nerves up in the final overs to secure a narrow victory.

Sangeet Sharma is the UAE’s most successful bowler, bagging three scalps, Junaid Siddiq and Ali Nasir Each takes two wickets. Asif was named Man of the Match for his sensational winning strike.

It is also worth mentioning that with 151 unbeaten innings, Asif became the highest scoring player of the UAE team in the ODI format.This record previously belonged to Kuram Khan (132* compared to Afghanistan 2014).


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