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30% of UAE residents skip summer car safety checks, per Audi Abu Dhabi

According to a recent survey in Abu Dhabi, 28% of UAE residents neglect car safety checks during summer, raising concerns due to high temperatures reaching 50°C.

Audi Abu Dhabi conducted the survey to assess vehicle safety in the region.

Among the respondents who prioritize car safety inspections, 35% prefer car dealership services, 21% opt for independent garages, and 14% rely on quick service at gas stations.

The survey also revealed that 8% of drivers were unsure how to handle a car overheating, with 4% of the 18-24 age group admitting they would panic and call emergency services.

Summer vehicle maintenance is vital to prevent vehicle fires, which have been a pressing issue in the UAE.

Basic items in a summer vehicle health checklist include checking air conditioning efficiency, tire condition, and coolant system efficiency.

Audi Abu Dhabi and Road Safety UAE urge drivers to follow these tips to ensure car safety and passenger well-being during the summer.

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