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5 ways UAE keeps everything you eat safe and clean – News


From clean kitchens to pesticide-free vegetables, the state ensures that every food item provided to residents is thoroughly inspected

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published: Thursday, June 8, 2023 at 7:27 am

Last updated: Thursday, June 8, 2023 at 7:51 am

The UAE has become a global culinary hotspot, with Michelin-starred restaurants and international chefs popping up here. But do you know how to keep your food safe in this country? From apps that check the cleanliness of restaurants to inspecting food remotely using artificial intelligence and machine learning, officials in the country are doing several things to make sure the food you eat is of the highest quality.

Food allergens, health claims, new culinary techniques such as aging and smoking, and dishes using raw or undercooked ingredients such as sushi and poke bowls will be more clearly regulated as the food code is being revised.

Take a look at 5 techniques UAE authorities use to ensure our food safety:

1. Gourmet Observation

The app, developed by Dubai Municipality, monitors everything from the cleanliness of the kitchen to the temperature of the items being cooked to the delivery of the goods at every restaurant in the city. Every restaurant owner or person in charge (PIC) is required to have this app installed on their phone and they are encouraged to update it daily.

Restaurateurs can also set cooking temperatures for certain foods, file complaints against suppliers, and enroll in training programs on the app. Those who are proactive on the app and maintain an exceptional level of food safety generally receive higher restaurant ratings.

The official DM demonstrates how to use the app. Watch the video below:

2. Biosafety Early Reporting System

This initiative of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) allows residents and food industry insiders to report incidents related to animal health, agricultural pests, food safety and the safety of food contact surfaces. From checking rumors about food to reporting animal diseases or agricultural pests like the red palm weevil, the system provides a secure portal to report violations.

It can be accessed by visiting the website www.biosecalert.ae

3. National Pesticide Residue Monitoring Program

Launched in 2022, the scheme will ensure the safety of fruits, vegetables and other food products grown and imported in the UAE. Mohammed Mousa Al Ameeri of MOCCAE, speaking at a food safety seminar, said the country plans to test agricultural products for pesticide residue levels to ensure they are safe to eat.

4. Support federalism

This federal smart portal allows food operators to register their companies and their food products in the UAE. It also helps operators obtain a no-objection certificate to transfer any food consignment from one emirate to another and provides them with information on globally recognized Islamic entities and slaughterhouses approved by the Ministry of Environment. This ensures that every food item imported or sold in the country has been vetted and deemed safe to eat.Customers can also view registered foods at www.zad.gov.ae

5. National Food Rapid Alert System

Launched in 2017, the system determines what actions must be taken when serious food risks are detected. The regime also provides for the ban and de-ban of adulterated and mislabeled food. It applies a classification matrix to food incidents, classified as high, medium or low.

It also includes triggers for classification, which is the severity of the public health risk, the size and scale of the event, and the number of people affected by it. For more information on this system, please visit the MOCCAE website.


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