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8 Best Desk Organization Ideas for Efficient UAE 2023

8 Best Desk Organization Ideas for Efficient UAE 2023

A tidy workspace deserves a spot on your 2023 vision board. Imagine never losing important files, pens, and sticky notes, and always knowing where to find your USB sticks and cables. An organized desk paints a beautiful picture, but it’s also an ingenious way to increase your 9-to-5 productivity. Don’t know where to start? Carry out this project with professional advice from our organization and design experts.

“Clutter has a negative impact on our productivity, especially in workspaces. A well-organized space allows us to function better and focus on the task at hand,” said Sameera, founder and lead designer at luxury design firm Studio. Ameer Tsubi told Gulf News in Dubai. Once you feel grounded, you start responding to job demands in a more peaceful way, she adds.

In terms of organization, experts never directly step in—instead, they set aside a time slot for the task, assess what they need, and give or take away what they don’t. That tip comes from Kismet Awadalla, a professional home organizer and founder of her own organizing company, Sorted By Kismet, on Instagram.

“On your desk, within sight, should be the things you need right away. Everything else can be tucked away in a drawer or hung on the wall,” adds Awadalla.

There are many ways to maximize your workspace, including clever dividers, pegboards, storage boxes and more. Once finished and dusted, comes the challenging part – keeping a clean table. Ameer advises: “Be organized and tidy at the end of each workday, as this will prevent clutter from becoming cluttered over time. Also, declutter your workspace on a regular basis—take care of any clutter during this time.” Documents and items required”.

We’ve rounded up ideas from two experts on how to keep our stationery, gadgets, cords and paperwork tidy. Browse our list below and add to your cart the ones you think best suit your needs.and main You can get to the workspace of your dreams faster when you become a member.

1. Install pegboard

If space is limited, the closest wall is your solution. Adding storage to the vertical space keeps office supplies visible and within easy reach. It might even help differentiate your workspace from the rest of the room, especially if you’re working in the bedroom. Pegboards are so versatile that you can repurpose the storage space on them whenever you feel like giving them a makeover. We’ve also added an 80-piece pegboard accessory pack that includes hooks and a storage box so you can get started right away.

2. Vertical organizer for pegboard

With the peg boards in place, the floating shelves and baskets hold clutter, Awadalla says. Hang your choice of headphones, scissors, and storage for extra stationery. These products can be hung on Command hooks and bare walls, but consider pairing them with pegboards for a more tenant-friendly option.

3. Desk dividers and organizers

Drawer clutter is inevitable. After all, this is the perfect place to sweep your tabletop stuff into it. As tempting as this Band-Aid solution is, keep your desk drawers organized with easy-to-use dividers. Awadallah stresses their necessity, as desk organizers help you clear and position things quickly. You can choose to customize your own organizer by purchasing individual compartments or storing items in ready-made office trays.

4. Stackable trays for paperwork

In this digital age, mountains of paperwork are completely avoidable unless you have to use paper copies for your work. Awadalla noted that, in her experience, cluttered piles of items are common, and the solution to this problem is sorting. “Add stackable paper trays to your desk and color code them according to the filing system that works best for you. An example would be sorting files by urgent, to-do, and discard piles so that any files you find, you can be categorized immediately,” she explained. The same applies to files that can be stored in colored folders, Ameer added.

5. Pull-out tray for electronics

Our gadgets, from scanners to cables, emit electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, which can cause headaches and fatigue. Ameer added: “I always advise clients to keep electronics to a minimum, preferably out of sight; for example, a printer can be stored in a cabinet with a pull-out tray shelf and only used when needed” . You can also store your keyboard and mouse on dedicated shelves on the monitor riser. Finding pull-out drawers for larger office equipment like scanners and printers can be tricky, but you can repurpose kitchen cabinet organizers.

6. Invest in a trolley to maximize space

Some minimalist desks don’t have drawers, and if they do, the drawers end up being too shallow for any meaningful storage. You can supplement your limited space with a utility cart, says Awadalla. Items that would fit in a drawer can be hung in this trolley and rolled in and out when needed.

7. Organizer for pens and other stationery

When we think of office organization, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the desk module. You have so many options here, but Awadalla has a great tip to keep in mind before buying: “Clean bins and trays are very visually pleasing, provided you can keep the contents organized. If you ‘have trouble keeping things tidy, then use colored trash cans instead so the clutter is out of sight’.

8. Hide cables for a neat setup

Nothing makes a table look worn out like a mess of wires. With a permanent computer setup, connect similar power cords together. Systems that require frequent charging, such as laptops and tablets, could use an adhesive clip to secure the cord to the table, Awadalla suggests. Your mains outlets can be housed in a cable management box to blend into your workspace, or in an under-desk tray hidden from view.For a full breakdown of cable organization go to our helpful list here.

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