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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

8 WJSN members renew contracts with Starship Entertainment

Hello. This is Galaxy Entertainment.

First of all, we once again express our deep gratitude to UJUNG (WJSN’s fan club) at home and abroad for their constant love and support to WJSN.

Starship Entertainment recently collaborated with eight members Exy, Seola, BonaSoobin, Eunseo, Yeoreum, the oceanAnd Yanjing from artist WJSN of our agency.

We have genuine and in-depth discussions with our members crazy and Dawon for a long time, but unfortunately our exclusive contract [with Luda and Dawon] will end. We express our deep gratitude to Luda and Dayuan for their tremendous efforts and dedication so far. We respect the decisions of Luda and Daoyuan, and will also cheer and support their new activities and future roads. In addition, Xuan Yi, Cheng Xiao, and Maggie from Lehua Entertainment joined the King of Glory event, and their Kings Alliance contract expired automatically.

To the members who renewed their contracts based on their loyalty and trust to each other, we will give all our efforts to WJSN’s activities and the members’ activities in various fields to shine more brightly, and we promise to provide our comprehensive and system support.

Please give warm encouragement and support to WJSN members standing on the new starting line.


WJSN debuted as a 12-member group in February 2016, and became a 13-member group after Yeonjung joined the group in June of the same year. The group recently made a comeback with the single “Sequence” in July 2022.

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