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fight to become challenge The championship of champions has begun!

Challenge: World Championship is Paramount+’s massive international crossover series, where franchise legends are paired with global MVPs (aka players who won or performed well in non-flagship seasons) Challenge: United States, Challenge: Australia, Challenge: Argentina, and Challenge: Great Britain) for $500,000. The premiere focused on the MVP, with four players from each of the global spin-offs gathering in Cape Town, South Africa to kick off the new season and stunned to watch 14 challenge Legends walk into the stadium. Their road to winning the $500,000 prize just got tougher. Let’s recap!

The Global MVP kicks off the season by taking part in ranked challenges, while Legends sit back and watch. The qualifiers are a mini-final with multiple checkpoints to test their strength, stamina, agility and intelligence, with the last two finishers going straight to the knockout round.The first checkpoint is challenge In the classic game, players drink two unidentified (supposedly vegan) smoothies.Projective vomiting begins immediately, but survivor Winner/Team USA’s Ben ended up taking first place and running to Checkpoint 2, where the players used sledgehammers to move weighted tires down the track. Team Australia’s Grant and Troy were finishing the race when they arrived with barely any progress on Ben’s tires.

Team Great Britain’s Kaz was the first woman to finish, followed by her Brit teammate Zara. At the tires, Ben finishes first, followed by Grant, to checkpoint 3, where players use cement cylinders to roll along the track without touching the ground (otherwise they have to start all over again). Grant passed Ben on his first attempt for first, and then Australia’s Troy also passed Ben. As for the women, Zara finished the tire first, with Emily of the Australian team in second. But at the third checkpoint, Claudia of the Argentine team overtook them both for first place.

“Challenge: World Championships”

Jon Rowlies / Paramount + “The Challenge: World Championships” Episode 1

At the fourth checkpoint, players must arrange the weights from lightest to heaviest to reveal the code to move on. Troy is first at the final checkpoint, where players transport a weighted flagpole from one end of the field to the other, then hoist their flag to complete the race. Grant was next with Ben in third. For the women, Sarah made up a lot of time and went first, with Emily second.

At the final checkpoint everyone struggled to get the pins in, but in the end Grant was first for the men, Ben second, Nathan third and Danny fourth. On the women’s side, Zara is number one, Kaz is number two, Justine has moved up from last to third place, and Kiki is fourth. As for the worst players, Tristan and Claudia didn’t even finish the race, so they were eliminated.

But enough about the action – let’s get into the drama! Theo revealed that Kaz was actually his ex, and they dated for over a year. They haven’t really spoken since their split, so this will be juicy. There are still some unresolved issues among Australian women, not to mention the decades of history between all the legends, so I’m ready to see this powder keg lit.

When the players arrived at the house, Johnny Bananas made his traditional toast, albeit barely audible (how had he already lost his voice?!), while Theo made an incredibly black joke, making sure to turn the champagne bottle up pop-up – because he literally lost an eye after his last misbehavior challenge appearance. He’s partially blind now, but he can still beat most other players in knockouts, so I’m very grateful to have him back on our TV screens.

Of course, Wes started chatting with all the new players (and making use of his limited knowledge of Spanish), and Nelson did his best to learn about all the global MVPs. All the legends work in the room, while the MVPs try to figure out who they want to team up with. England’s Nathan began plotting to form an Australia/UK alliance, with plans to immediately target Argentina to help save his teammate Tristan. Meanwhile, Sarah wants to form a US/Australia alliance with Emily because she considers Emily to be her biggest competitor.

The next day, some players host a pool party downstairs, Banana serenades the women on his guitar while Rodrigo teaches dance lessons upstairs, and Justin starts thinking about tying up with Argentina because she loves them the most. But she also realizes they might not be ready for what’s coming in the game. Alliance lines have begun to form.

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to nominate

TJ explained that the Global MVP is the only one to participate in the first round of eliminations, and the two winners – Grant and Zara – will go to the Hall of Fame. But TJ revealed that Nathan “has been placed in medical isolation from this match,” so Tristan is safe and there won’t be a men’s knockout. Not another unexplained early cut!We’ve seen a lot of these lately challenge It’s frustrating that the reasons for Nathan’s departure aren’t really explained, especially since he’s already shown so much political talent. But there’s no time to stand still, as women will still be competing.

Claudia headed to the Hall of Fame room while the remaining MVPs nominated two women as winners to choose from among her opponents. Ben and Jujuy declare Claudia’s wish to be against Kaz, but Kaz vetoes this because her British ally, Zara, won’t let her join. She made the case for nominating Jujuy. Things get awkward and confusing, but Team America starts voting by nominating Kaz and Kiki (their tactic is to try to force Grant and Zara into a stalemate, revealing what happens in this situation so they get eliminated in the future).Argentina came next, although Jujuy, Justine and Sarah also received votes, but Challenge: Great Britain winner kaz and Challenge: Australia Kiki, the winner of the eventual nomination.

Grant and Zara immediately disagreed and refused to vote for their respective teammates, and the house was set on fire as the Legends meddled in politics and gossip. Both the British and Australian teams were caught off guard, but Emily and Sarah were actually involved the whole time. She knows it’s risky to conspire to use her teammates as pawns, but she’s hoping the big move pays off and Kaz or Zara will be brought in.

Challenges: World Championships - Global MVP Nathan Henry from Team UK joins Episode 1, Season 1 of 'Challenges: World Championships' live on Paramount+, 2023. Image credit: Jonne Roriz / Paramount + © 2023 Viacom International Inc. All rights reserved. all rights reserved.  Challenge World Championship and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

Challenges: World Championships – Global MVP Nathan Henry from Team UK joins Episode 1, Season 1 of ‘Challenges: World Championships’ live on Paramount+, 2023. Image credit: Jonne Roriz / Paramount + © 2023 Viacom International Inc. All rights reserved. all rights reserved. Challenge World Championship and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

Jon Rowlies / Paramount +


At The Arena, Zara voted for Kiki and Grant voted for Kaz, a tie. Their willingness to take risks to save their allies has impressed many legends. But TJ revealed that since it was a women’s knockout, Zara’s vote was the tiebreaker, so Kiki ended up competing with Claudia. Emily is stunned as her plan to use Kiki as a pawn fails, and now her own teammates are in danger.

The first elimination is challenge Classic: Pole Wrestling! The first woman to win three rounds wins the entire match. When the horn sounded, the women fell on the ground and wrestled for a while. Kiki elbowed Claudia in the face to score the first point, impressing the legends on the sidelines with her grit, determination and dirty play. In the second round, Kiki performed the splits and scored second – Wes is now a huge fan of Kiki because he won pole wrestling using a move he’d never seen before, a knockout he’s all too familiar with. Kiki quickly wins the third round and sends Claudia home.

But the plot is not over yet! TJ announces that it’s time to pick teammates, and the Global MVP is the one who picks their partners in the order they complete the qualifiers. But that won’t be revealed until Episode 2.

Challenge: World Championship New episodes premiere every Wednesday on Paramount+.

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