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A sanctuary of hope for Indians in the UAE miles from home


Chennai: The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has forced people around the world to swarm inside the four walls. But that didn’t stop AK Mahadevan, who came here as a protector for all Indians in the UAE, who have endured the ordeal of the pandemic.

Born and raised in Nagai Coyle, Mahadevan continued his service to humanity at the age of 51, launching the ‘Ameeraga Nanban’ (Friends of the UAE) initiative. Serving humanity is a family philosophy that got a big boost when he moved to Dubai in 2005. Together with his friends, he provides support for education, medical ailments and marital issues. Aiming at the advancement of the Tamil community in the UAE, Mahadvan launched a social media group in late 2019, recognizing the desire for responsible souls that will pave the way for the collective upliftment of the underprivileged.

“The WhatsApp group started with 18 members and grew to more than 2,000 members within two months. I was amazed to see young people stepping up and volunteering selflessly,” said Mahadvan. He now has more than 4,800 members working together to create a better human being.

Tamil Kudil is part of the Ameeraga Nanban scheme, initially a care home for Indians stranded in the UAE without shelter and food during the coronavirus outbreak. “Tamil Kudil, a child born in Ameeraga Nanban and deployed in August 2021, is a free shelter that opens its arms to the hungry, rough-sleeping Indian community. Every day we provide Twice free food, Saadia is the most cherished food of every Indian, be it from the South or the East,” Mahadevan laughs recalling the jokes they shared while sitting on the floor enjoying a South Indian feast. .

The pandemic has unleashed a wave of distressed and separated families across the globe, desperate to be reunited with their families. The organization and its volunteers are working to repatriate the elderly, pregnant women, students and laborers who were abandoned by the power cuts in early 2020.

“There are about 600,000 Tamils ​​in the UAE. During the pandemic, there were no flights to Tamil Nadu as it was the last country to join the Vande Bharat Mission. Seeing people, especially the elderly and pregnant women, waiting to go home For some, the wait is cruel when they hear the news of the death of a loved one. Sending them back is our foremost concern. Through systematic legal action, we will 1,858 Tamils ​​were repatriated home from the UAE, including 63 elderly and 32 pregnant women. Our team of 15 volunteers were waiting at Kochi Airport for taxis to transport people.” The founder recalled tearfully seeing them The satisfaction of boarding a flight back home.

Tamil Kudir is the hometown of Raju Bomik from West Bengal and Dulal Galami from Odisha, two unemployed middle-aged men who were duped by fraudulent companies in Dubai. Promise them your dreams. “I came here with big ambitions, but my ambitions were shattered when the company that offered me a job as a cook took away my passport and all my savings. They promised me that one day I could start my own Soon I realized it was a trap and I spent my days in the garden with flowers blooming but darkness surrounded me. Mr. Mahadevan provided us with a place to sleep and it became our home,” Raju confesses.

Mahadevan, the initiator of Ameeraga Nanban, who remained true to his name and believed in the philosophy of the great Ramalinga Adigalar, described, “I live by the principles of Vallalar, in which is written ‘Vaadiya payirai kanda pothellam vaadinen’.” I think Looking after the withering crops that require my care, I want to plant seeds like me that will grow into responsible people in the future. “


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