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Abu Dhabi Customs and FCA visit Khatm Melaha border facility


Sharjah: The Khatm Melaha Customs Center of the Sharjah Ports, Customs and Free Zones Authority hosted an official delegation from the Abu Dhabi Customs Administration and the Federal Customs Administration to exchange experiences and review practices applicable to the land port, This is one of the best land ports and most prominent in the country.

The visiting high-level team was received by His Excellency Mohammad Ibrahim Al Raihi, Director of Ports and Border Crossings Affairs in the Emirate of Sharjah and Chairman of the Ports and Border Crossing Organizing Committee.

The delegation included His Excellency Mubarak Matar Al Mansouri, Executive Director, Customs Operations, Abu Dhabi Customs; Abdullah Mohammed Al Khumairi, Director, Policy and Governance; and Salem, Program Director, Operations Issa Al Hammadi and some officials from both sides.

The visiting officials were briefed on how the Sharjah Ports, Customs and Free Zones Authority manages the border crossings in the emirate, the working mechanism of the Border Crossings and Ports Organizing Committee and the use of modern technology in customs operations and customs inspections. Methods for qualifying young national resources and developing leaders.

At the visit meeting, heads of units and departments at Kammelah Port introduced the latest situation and research situation of the port development, working mechanism, and the most prominent measures, achievements and activities carried out.

Afterwards, the delegation inspected the independently constructed vehicle and truck access passages, the technical support building equipped with the latest inspection equipment and systems, the customs port operation room, and the customer service center. The Happiness Center in the customs business building completes thousands of customs data every month and operates 24/7.

Customs Action Plan

His Excellency Mohammad Ibrahim Raisi emphasized that this meeting is part of a joint effort to strengthen strategic cooperation among all government agencies in customs matters to exchange experiences, transfer and share knowledge for the public good, looking forward to customs work in the state level one. It also helps to develop the services offered by developing a shared vision of the future and how all customs procedures will be simplified for customers.

Given that the Kammeraha Customs Center is one of the famous land border crossing points in the country, the meeting also explored related potential cooperation opportunities, based on the desire of the Kammeraha Customs Center to transfer its expertise and A desire to lead the experience, thanks to its professional and qualified national resources of the highest level, and advanced technical capabilities of the latest systems, procedures and equipment.

Pioneering experience

The visiting delegation praised Khatm Melaha’s pioneering experience in customs work and its efficiency in providing the best services to people entering and leaving the country, simplifying formalities and ensuring a completely smooth flow of vehicles through the port, which handled more than 380,000 passengers per month.

The delegation also commended the efficient and advanced systems used by the border crossing in terms of inspections, customs clearance, capacity and world-class operational procedures, which enhance the flow of goods and internal trade flows with the sister Sultanate of Oman.

At the end of the visit, commemorative shields were exchanged and the delegation was presented with the book Sard al-Dhat (The Narrative of Self “).

The visiting delegation expressed its delight at this precious gift, as it is an important historical book that enriches the contents of the Arabic library and is a cultural and intellectual reference.

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