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Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Center praises emirate’s business continuity capabilities


Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Center (ADCMC), in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority (HRA), Abu Dhabi Statistics Center (SCAD) and Labudan College, conducted a detailed The study assesses the knowledge, experience and competencies of Abu Dhabi Government Human Resources in the field of Business Continuity Management.

The study was conducted among top managers of government entities in Abu Dhabi as well as professional teams involved in the implementation of business continuity management systems to ascertain their knowledge and experience in the field. The research aims to identify recommendations to support Abu Dhabi government leaders and human resources in acquiring comprehensive knowledge on business continuity to help ensure businesses’ ability to continue operating during disruptions.

The study highlights the strong development of Abu Dhabi government entities in implementing business continuity management, including emergency management procedures and initiating business continuity plans. The findings also underscore the need for entities to continue their efforts to develop human resources capable of keeping pace with rapid changes in the emergency, crisis and disaster arena.

Dr Nasser Humaid Al Nuaimi, Acting Director-General of ADCMC, said: “This study is in line with our ongoing efforts to facilitate the readiness of government entities and their workforces with business continuity procedures and the application of best practices to enhance the resilience of the emirate. and business continuity in the face of disruption. This in turn contributes to the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision to strengthen the emirate’s position as a leading example of emergency, crisis and disaster management, and is the center for the development of response, recovery and Resilience building is part of the pioneer system’s responsibility and institutional development.

“This study confirms Abu Dhabi’s readiness to respond to all types of emergencies, crises and disasters, and the effectiveness of policies and strategies to ensure business continuity and develop a qualified government workforce capable of effectively initiating response mechanisms. Here In context, we reaffirmed the Center’s commitment to supporting various government entities in developing business continuity capabilities to reinforce the emirate’s leading reputation in this field.

HE Amal Nasser Al Jabri, Director General of the Human Resources Authority (HRA), highlighted the importance of the study to improve the implementation of the Business Continuity Framework. She highlighted its alignment with the authorities’ strategic objectives and the changing labor market.

His Excellency added: “As part of HRA’s strategic vision, the study aims to strengthen the implementation of business continuity management systems and facilitate collaboration with strategic partners to ensure adaptability and resilience in the face of potential crises. We are continually developing Policies, programs and programs that increase the capacity and expertise of national talent so they can adapt effectively to different situations. Our aim is to create a flexible and resilient system that can respond to crises based on best industry standards and practices.”

His Excellency Abdullah Ghalib Alkemzi, Acting Director General of SCAD, said: “This study shows the efforts and remarkable progress made by government cadres in managing various emergencies, crises and disasters.

“In line with the efforts of government entities in Abu Dhabi to increase the level of response to emergency and crisis situations, SCAD is committed to providing policy makers with reliable and accurate statistics and indicators that support planning and developing effective crisis and disaster policies and strategies. Management. Statistics Critical to assessing the impact of implementation and highlighting opportunities to strengthen national capacity to improve preparedness and resilience in the face of emergencies.

James Morse, Dean of Rabdan College, said: “Rabdan College is delighted to be working with our strategic partners on this high-level research. The work is contributed by the participation of 500% of professional researchers who are highly qualified at world-leading universities. At Rabdan Academy, we are committed to supporting resilience and business continuity and strive to align our practices and standards with The best international standards are aligned.”

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Center (ADCMC) was established in 2019 to strengthen the emirate’s preparedness for emergencies, crises and disasters. The Center coordinates with relevant authorities to develop general policies, strategies and plans for the emirate related to emergency, crisis and disaster management. Among other things, it coordinates with partners and stakeholders and utilizes its pioneering system to act as a link to synchronize and organize emergency, crisis and disaster management tasks. This contributes to strengthening the emirate’s resilience and fulfills the Abu Dhabi government’s vision of making the emirate a world leader in emergency, crisis and disaster management.



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