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Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir Welcomes UAE Residents from March 1

Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir Welcomes UAE Residents on March 1

The anticipation surrounding the grand opening of the Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir, the first stone temple of its kind in the city, has reached a crescendo. Inaugurated earlier this month with much fanfare, this monumental edifice will throw open its doors to the public on March 1st. Preceding this public unveiling, from February 15th to 29th, overseas devotees with prior registrations and VIP guests were granted exclusive access to the temple’s sanctum.

Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir
Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir


A temple spokesperson outlined the visiting hours, stating that the temple will be accessible to the public daily from 9 am to 8 pm, with the exception of Mondays when it will remain closed. Such measures are aimed at accommodating the tremendous demand from visitors, both local and international, eager to partake in the historic unveiling of the BAPS Hindu Mandir.

To streamline the visitation process and manage the influx of devotees effectively, community members are encouraged to register through a dedicated website or the Festival of Harmony app. This move aligns with the temple’s commitment to ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all attendees, including the vast Indian diaspora comprising approximately 3.5 million individuals who contribute significantly to the Gulf region’s workforce.

The inception of this architectural marvel owes much to the generosity of the UAE government, which donated the land for its construction. Built by the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) Swaminarayan Sanstha on a sprawling 27-acre site in Abu Mureikhah near Al Rahba, the temple stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of collaboration and goodwill between nations. With an estimated cost of around Rs 700 crore, its construction represents a significant investment in fostering cultural exchange and religious harmony.

The grand inauguration on February 14th, graced by Indian Prime Minister Modi and attended by over 5,000 dignitaries, marked a momentous occasion in the annals of both Indian and UAE history. Constructed with meticulous attention to detail, the temple boasts a Nagara style of architecture, incorporating 18 lakh bricks and 1.8 lakh cubic meters of sandstone sourced directly from Rajasthan.

According to temple authorities, adherence to ancient Hindu scriptures, specifically the Shilpa and Sthapathya Shastras, guided the temple’s design and construction. Symbolism abounds in its architecture, with seven spires representing the seven Emirates of the UAE, while intricate carvings of camels and the national bird, the falcon, pay homage to the host country’s rich heritage.

Inside the Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir , visitors are treated to a visual feast of mythological tales, with depictions ranging from Indian epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata to narratives from Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, Arabic, European, Chinese, and African civilizations. The seamless blend of architectural elements, including 402 pillars, two ghumats (domes), and 12 samrans, creates a harmonious and spiritually uplifting atmosphere.

The temple’s exterior showcases masterful marble carvings against a sandstone backdrop, crafted from over 25,000 pieces of stone by skilled artisans from Rajasthan and Gujarat. Noteworthy features include the “Dome of Peace” and the “Dome of Harmony,” symbolizing the temple’s role as a beacon of tranquility and unity in a diverse and interconnected world.

In a touching gesture, holy water from the sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna, brought from India in large containers, flows on either side of the temple, symbolizing purity and spiritual rejuvenation.

Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir
Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir

As the countdown to March 1st begins for Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir , anticipation runs high for the grand opening of the Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir, a testament to the enduring bonds of friendship and cooperation between nations and a symbol of unity in diversity.

The journey to bring the Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir to fruition has been one of collaboration and dedication, involving skilled artisans from Rajasthan and Gujarat who painstakingly crafted the temple’s intricate marble carvings. These artisans, with their expertise passed down through generations, have imbued the temple with a sense of timeless beauty and reverence.

Central to the temple’s design is the juxtaposition of sandstone and marble, representing the earthly and divine realms. The pink sandstone, meticulously transported from northern Rajasthan to Abu Dhabi, forms the foundation upon which the temple stands, symbolizing the enduring connection between India and the UAE.

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