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Abu Dhabi Municipality steps up preparations for slaughterhouses


To ensure smooth operations during Eid al-Adha, the Abu Dhabi Municipality expanded the capacity of the slaughterhouse to accommodate around 37,000 sacrifices and carcasses.

In addition, the municipality has strengthened its workforce by increasing the number of butchers, maintenance personnel, and those responsible for handling the offerings and meat distribution at each slaughterhouse.

Additionally, to increase convenience and efficiency, the city government has also implemented a smartphone application to meet customer requests and ensure seamless service delivery.

In addition, the municipality has equipped the outdoor areas of the slaughterhouse with air-conditioned tents and shaded paths, in addition to providing chilled drinking water to meet the growing number of distinguished visitors. Since the end of July in summer is the holy Eid al-Adha, special attention is paid to the determined and the elderly who frequent the slaughterhouse.

During Eid al-Adha, the slaughterhouse is open from 6:00 am to 7:30 pm. The municipality has designated the Abu Dhabi Automated Slaughterhouse in the Zayed Port area to handle the preparation of sacrifices requested by the Red Crescent through a smart app. Additionally, Bani Yas Slaughterhouse and Al Wathba Automatic Slaughterhouse have been assigned to receive and prepare offerings for the respected public, while Al Shahama Automatic Slaughterhouse has been assigned to receive and prepare offerings through the smart app as well as requests made by the public. people.

Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Municipality has taken steps to increase the number of butchers in all slaughterhouses. The Baniyas slaughterhouse has 150 butchers and handles about 13,000 sacrifices and carcasses, while the Abu Dhabi automated slaughterhouse has 50 butchers and handles about 10,000 sacrifices and carcasses. In addition, the Al Shahama automatic slaughterhouse has 50 butchers and handles about 7,000 sacrifices and carcasses, and the Al Wathba automatic slaughterhouse has 45 butchers and handles about 7,000 sacrifices and carcasses.

Each slaughterhouse is equipped with professional veterinary personnel to inspect the animals before slaughter. After slaughtering livestock, medical staff conduct a thorough inspection to make sure the meat is fit for human consumption. This is done to ensure the production of healthy meat free of any disease-causing factors and to safeguard the health and safety of community members.

In addition, the municipality has made it easy and convenient for the public to request sacrifices through various smartphone applications like ‘Zabehaty’, ‘Zabayeh Al Jazeera’, ‘Dhabayeh UAE’ and ‘Halal Mazarana’. These apps allow the user to select the type of sacrifice, category, weight, cutting preference, and desired delivery location.

However, the Abu Dhabi Municipality implored the public not to slaughter sacrifices outside of approved slaughterhouses. Doing so will be considered an offense under Law No. (2) of 2012 on the Maintenance of the General Appearance, Health and Public Tranquility of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In order to prevent this phenomenon from happening, the inspection team of the city branch center accepts reports, conducts follow-up investigations, and imposes fines on violators.


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