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Abu Dhabi: Woman files Dh60,000 lawsuit after neighbor pours disinfectant in front of flat; case dismissed – News

Abu Dhabi: Woman files Dh60,000 lawsuit after neighbor pours disinfectant in front of flat; case dismissed – News

The plaintiff has shown the court CCTV footage showing the defendant pouring the acrid liquid at the door of her flat

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published: Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 8:30 am

A woman who sued her neighbor after he poured harsh disinfectant in front of a complainant’s apartment, allegedly affecting her health, has had her lawsuit dismissed on appeal.

The Al Ain Court of Appeal upheld an earlier ruling by the trial court, which dismissed the woman’s lawsuit for lack of evidence.

Official court documents say the woman has filed a lawsuit against her neighbour, demanding Dh60,000 for damages to her health.

The woman said neighbors had caused her psychological and physical harm by pouring the smelly disinfectant in front of her apartment on the grounds of cleaning.

She offered video footage from CCTV cameras showing her neighbor pouring disinfectant in front of her house as evidence to support her claim.

She also lodged a medical report showing she had a respiratory illness and was treated after inhaling the foul smell of disinfectant.

The defendant denied causing harm to the plaintiff, and requested the dismissal of the case on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence that the disinfectant caused harm to the plaintiff.

The Court of First Instance had earlier dismissed the case because there was no evidence the disinfectant was harmful.

The woman challenged the decision to the Court of Appeal, which upheld the lower court’s decision. The plaintiff will pay the defendant’s litigation costs.

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