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AI-Powered Technologies Set to Dominate the Technology Landscape

AI-Powered In an exclusive interview, Ihab Foudeh, General Manager of Microsoft Middle East, sheds light on the anticipated dominance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the technology landscape for the year 2024.

AI: The Defining Technology

Foudeh expresses optimism about AI’s revolutionary impact on security, creativity, and productivity. Organizations in the Middle East, particularly in the public sector, are increasingly embracing AI technologies, with a continuous trend expected.

Microsoft’s Copilot: A Game-Changer: AI-Powered 

Microsoft’s latest offering, Copilot, takes center stage, allowing users to leverage powerful AI models without coding expertise. The platform’s natural language interface enables users to describe desired outcomes in plain language, generating high-quality content or code accordingly.

Augmenting Human Capabilities

Contrary to replacing human searchers, AI and automation are predicted to augment and complement human capabilities, enhancing the speed and efficiency of information retrieval. Foudeh envisions improvements in web search quality, personalization, and interactive responses.

Cloud’s Role in Powering AI Revolution: AI-Powered 

The cloud emerges as a crucial element in driving the AI revolution, with organizations expected to shift to full cloud capabilities. Foudeh emphasizes the necessity for businesses to embrace full cloud capabilities to remain competitive in the evolving productivity landscape.

AI and Automation: Transforming the Workplace

While AI and automation transform workplaces, Foudeh foresees these technologies creating new job opportunities, focusing on innovation and ethical AI development. The importance of skills in data science, machine learning, and programming is highlighted.

Focus on Data Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Regulations

The year 2024 is expected to witness an increased focus on data privacy, cybersecurity, and global AI regulations. Governments are likely to enact stringent measures to protect user data and ensure secure development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies.

Microsoft’s Role in Shaping the Future: AI-Powered 

Microsoft envisions playing a pivotal role in accelerating the regional tech landscape. The company aims to invest in readiness initiatives and support its customers and partners in fully harnessing the potential of AI-assisted technologies across various professions and sectors.

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