How Did 3D Game Industry Software Influence The Development Of Film And Television Production? Alaa Al Rantisi


How Did 3D Game Industry Software Influence The Development Of Film And Television Production? Alaa Al Rantisi

The world is going through immense transitions, especially in terms of technology. Nowadays, even the film and television production sector is getting inspiration from the 3D game industry. We got in touch with Alaa Al Rantisi, the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Advanced Media, and discussed how the 3D gaming industry influences film and television production. He says, “The continuous development of 3D game environment design software has enabled us to use these innovative ideas in cinematography.”

Alaa Al Rantisi shares his views on 3D cinematography by saying, “Instead of being an imaginary fighter wandering around the battlefield to fight the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it has become possible to benefit from this technology by having a real actor roaming in that environment using LED screens with certain specifications surrounding the actor from all sides to interact with a realistic, visible environment.”

He further continues, “This technology enables the viewer to have a realistic sense of the events, feel the realism of the events, and, most importantly, it allows the actor to film with a closer approach to reality in the scenes, which creates the illusion of a natural environment, unlike the green screen in which you cannot see your surroundings.

The background will move as per the camera movement, and the actors don’t have to imagine where they are; they can experience it first-hand.”

How are the 3D cinematography scenes created? Alaa Al Rantisi shares his thoughts on this. 

“When Disney produced The Mandalorian in 2019, half of the scenes were filmed inside a box of LED screens. Despite the technical difficulties at the time and the high costs of photographic designs, this gave essential indicators for the development of this industry, and it can eliminate some of the high costs of filming on location. Instead of going to Tunisia with the whole team to get those shots of the desert wide open, we can now build a sand set or send a small team to explore the sites in Tunisia and capture them in high-resolution 3D, to be used as a virtual background and even better than that we combine these ideas to make the best of both worlds as default wallpaper.

Above all, screen lighting will reflect on the actor’s body and what surrounds it, creating new creative experiences to deal with cinematic lighting tools in the future.”

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