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Alien theory!Republican Congressman Shares Exciting Thoughts About UFOs World News


Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin has drawn attention for his unconventional theory about UFOs. During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Gallagher suggested that the UFO could be an “ancient civilization” that has long been hidden from Earth but is now starting to reveal itself. Gallagher’s statement adds a new dimension to the debate surrounding UFOs as investigations into technology at the government’s disposal continue.

Investigating Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Chairman Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wisconsin, listens on Capitol Hill to a House select committee dedicated to confronting China (AP)

The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer, has launched an investigation into allegations that the government possesses alien technology. The move comes after revelations by Air Force veteran David Grusch, who claimed the government had acquired “vehicles of non-human technology” containing “dead pilots”. The investigation aims to shed light on these claims and explore the underlying truth behind UFO sightings.

Terminator Theory and Ancient Civilizations

Gallagher explores two interesting hypotheses on the show. He mentioned the “Terminator” theory, speculating that UFOs may be humans from the future. Another possibility he raises is that there is an ancient civilization on Earth that has been hiding on Earth and is now on the rise. These speculations grabbed viewers’ attention and prompted comparisons to pop culture references like the Transformers franchise.

Hostile nations and advanced technologies

Discussing a worst-case scenario, Gallagher expressed concern that UFO sightings could involve advanced technology developed by hostile nations. He singled out China’s potential weapons development as a starting point for his interest in the UFO discussion. The congressman stressed the importance of exploring such possibilities to ensure national security.

Testimony and Whistleblower

Gallagher confirmed that the investigation into the UFO allegations involved multiple whistleblowers with high-level government clearances. However, they chose to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions. The congressman emphasized the need to create an environment where individuals can easily share their experiences without facing ridicule or stigma.

Resistance within the bureaucracy

Gallagher laid out the challenges in seeking information from the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. He revealed that his request for information on the unidentified aerial phenomenon has not yet been responded to by US intelligence agencies. The congressman believes that promoting open discussion on the topic will help break down resistance and encourage transparency.

Department of Defense and nasa have publicly stated that they have no evidence of extraterrestrial life, nor do they have a government program dedicated to reverse engineering alien technology. While Gallagher’s theory adds an interesting twist to the UFO discussion, the official position remains the same.

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Mike Gallagher’s recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show sparked a discussion about UFOs. By presenting “ancient civilizations” and the possibility of future humans, the Republican lawmaker added new speculation to the ongoing investigation into UFO sightings. As the investigation progresses, it is hoped that we will encourage open dialogue and de-stigmatize discussions about UFOs, ultimately working to improve our understanding of these mysterious phenomena.


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