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All the traffic alert systems in Abu Dhabi you should know


Abu Dhabi: When you drive around Abu Dhabi, you will observe several smart alarm systems that Abu Dhabi Police have introduced over the years. From flashing red, blue or amber lights, to electronic boards providing weather alerts, here is a roundup of the five existing traffic warning systems in the emirate:

1. Road Alert System – What do the flashing lights mean?

May 15, Abu Dhabi Media Office Abu Dhabi Police announces activation of new road alert system, using colored lights to alert drivers of impending traffic accidents and severe weather conditions to enhance road safety across the emirate. You can see the installation on all major highways in Abu Dhabi. The system has three lights – red, blue and yellow.

if you see red and blue The light flashes, indicating that there is an accident ahead and you need to be vigilant.

if you see yellow The lights flash as a warning of severe weather conditions including fog, dust and rain or any accidents on the road.

These shimmering colors can be easily seen at a distance of 200 meters, both day and night.

2. New minimum speed limit requirement on Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Road (E11)

Minimum speed-on-mbr-Rd-in-AD-from-may-1-supplied-pic-1682593559131

If you’re driving along the E11 in Abu Dhabi, you’ll see signs clearly showing the specific speed limit for each lane. Why? Because the two lanes from the left now have a minimum speed limit – 120 km/h. From May 1, Abu Dhabi Police fined drivers Dh400 for violating the minimum speed limit in the first two lanes from the left.

As reported earlier by Gulf News, the new speed limit aims to enhance road safety and encourage slower vehicles and heavy vehicles to use the right lane. The minimum speed does not apply to the rightmost lane, which is designed to accommodate heavy vehicles, and the second lane from the right.

3. Early warning system – telephone notification

In 2021, the Abu Dhabi Media Office announced the launch of a feature on the Abu Dhabi Police smartphone app. The emergency alert feature warns motorists of unstable weather conditions such as rain, fog, sand and traffic congestion, and helps them plan alternative routes in advance.

Motorists are also reminded of the deceleration limits in effect during such weather conditions. The maximum speed on Abu Dhabi roads has been reduced to 80 km/h due to fog and other weather conditions resulting in low visibility. All motorists will be required to obey the reduced speed limit and violators will face fines.

How to enable this feature:

1. Download the ‘Abu Dhabi Police’ smartphone app for Apple and Android devices.
2. Click the More tab at the bottom of the screen and access Application Settings.
3. Enable notifications.

After enabling the app’s notifications, you will be able to receive alerts sent by Abu Dhabi Police.

4. Early warning system – intelligent speed limit sign

Abu Dhabi Warning System - Smart Speed ​​Signs

Image credit: Abu Dhabi Police

In Abu Dhabi, you can also find alerts on roadside smart signs when the speed limit is lowered. When the reduced speed limit is in place, the electronic board works and displays the exact speed limit. This works in conjunction with the warning messages sent to motorists via the warning system.

5. Smart door


You can also find smart door Around Abu Dhabi, motorists are notified of any traffic advisories that have been issued. However, these smart gates are also part of the emirate’s smart road traffic violation detection system, which can catch traffic violations such as speeding, driving a vehicle with an expired registration or not keeping a safe distance.


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