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Allen MEDIA GROUP’s Free Streaming Platform Adds SPEEDVISION Speed ​​Channel – Expanding Its Library of Motorsports and Automotive Entertainment Content


Speedvision FAST channel brings over 500 hours of automotive programming to AMG’s free streaming platforms Local Now, Sports.TV and theGrio Streaming App

Angel, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Allen Media Group (AMG) announced today its free streaming platform local now, sports tv and Grio streaming application streaming now quick view The FAST channel, offering over 500 hours of premium automotive programming.

new quick view FAST channel open local now, sports tv and Grio Offers diverse and engaging blue chip automotive entertainment – from auto build shows and garage content, to automotive history and auction shows.this quick view The FAST channel also features films including GRAVEYARD CARZ, GEARZ and TWO GUYS GARAGE, as well as motorcycle and aviation series.with the addition of quick view Expressway, AMG Now streaming over 450 FAST channels, including more than a dozen motorsports and automotive entertainment networks.

quick view, the online brand that started the automotive entertainment revolution, returns with high-octane programming that has made it the standard by which all other automotive media is measured. As a well-known online brand that pioneered the automotive lifestyle genre in the 90s, quick view Delivering an iconic combination of deeply entertaining storytelling, iconic presenters and top-notch production values, making it an exceptional destination for automotive enthusiasts.

“We’re excited to partner with Speedvision to bring our audience even more premium automotive content for free,” said byron allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group. “We are continually expanding our library of special interest and lifestyle content in order to provide diverse entertainment to our audience.”

“The original Speedvision was the best media brand ever delivered to an automotive enthusiast audience, and those fans still consider it the highest standard in the genre,” said President and CEO, robert scanlon, co-founder of the original network in 1995. “I know from first-hand experience that the team of content creators and strategic partners we’ve recruited for the new Speedvision will match and build on the legacy of the original network, which has been imitated many times but never surpassed.”

local now Delivers localized news, weather, sports, traffic and entertainment produced by a variety of leading news organizations in more than 225 U.S. markets It offers more than 450 free streaming channels, including local now Channels from every DMA in the country, plus over 18,500 movies, TV shows and documentaries.this local now app available Year, apple tv, Amazon Fire TV, android tv, X unlimited, Vizio, Samsung, android and operating system equipment. (www.LocalNow.com)

sports tv is a free streaming service that brings together sports, news, movies, documentaries and entertainment networks and local broadcast stations to connect sports fans with their favorite sports, teams, games, players, highlights, podcasts and every game The score linked to the device for free. (www.Sports.tv)

TheGrio Streaming App is a free streaming platform where Black Americans can watch 24/7 premium content including award-winning movies, TV shows, comedies, documentaries and a variety of channels. Grio is your trusted black culture-focused news and entertainment brand, delivering the most compelling stories and perspectives through cutting-edge news coverage and in-depth interviews. (www.thegrio.com/application)

Visit SpeedvisionNetwork.com to learn more about the network’s programming, information on how to watch Speedvision and sign up for email updates. quick view @speedvisiontv here Twitter, instagram, Facebook, youtube and Tik Tok.

About Allen Media Group
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer byron allen set up Allen Media Group 1993.Headquartered in Angelit is at New York, chicago, Atlantaand Charleston, South Carolina. Allen Media Group owns 27 ABC-NBC-CBS-Fox Network-affiliated broadcast stations and 12 24-hour HDTV networks in 21 U.S. markets serve nearly 220 million subscribers: The Weather Channel, Spanish Weather Channel, PETS.TV, COMEDY.TV, RECIPE.TV, CARS.TV, ES.TV, MYDESTINATION.TV, JUSTICE CENTRAL.TV, THEGRIO, THIS TVand pattern. Allen Media Group also has a streaming platform HBCU GO, GRIO Streaming App, SPORTS.TV, Weather Channel Streaming Appand local now–Free streaming AVOD service by weather channel and content partners, delivering real-time, hyper-local news, weather, traffic, sports and lifestyle information. Allen Media Group Also produced, distributed and sold commercials for 72 television shows, making it one of the largest independent producers/distributors of first-run syndicated television shows on broadcast stations. With a library of over 5,000 hours of its own content across a variety of genres, Allen Media Group Delivers video content to broadcast stations, cable networks, mobile devices and multimedia digital devices.Our mission is to serve our audience, online users and Fortune 500 advertising partners.

About Sushi
Speedvision, the definitive automotive entertainment and lifestyle brand, will be revived in 2022 to satisfy the passions of millions of automotive enthusiasts. With over 500 hours of premium content, including forward-thinking storytelling, iconic hosts and industry-standard production values, Speedvision is the ultimate destination for the absolute best in automotive, motorcycle, aviation and boating content. Available free as a free ad-supported television network, Speedvision offers advertisers one of the best opportunities to engage directly with a deeply engaged audience of real car enthusiasts.

Speedvision is led by a President and Chief Executive Officer, robert scanlon, an accomplished media industry leader with decades of experience in motorsports competitions and automobile production. Scanlon’s past positions include motorsports director for ESPN and ESPN2, co-founder of the original Speedvision, founder/president of Discovery Inc.’s Velocity (now MotorTrend), and senior production for ABC Sports. Scanlon has won nine National Sports Emmy Awards, including Best Live Sports Series for its coverage of NASCAR, INDYCAR and Formula One.

Speedvision’s creative agency is AlterEgo. To learn how to watch Speedvision, visit SpeedvisionNetwork.com. Visit SpeedvisionNetwork.com to learn more about the network’s programming, information on how to watch Speedvision and sign up for email updates. Speedvision is @speedvisiontv on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

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