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Allison Williams recalls disrespectful comment on ‘Boardwalk Empire’ set Entertainment


Allison Williams felt disrespected when she was filming Boardwalk Empire when a crew member asked her if she was “a vase on set.”

The “Girls” star was hired as a stand-in for the first episode of the hit TV show, in which Steve Buscemi played a fellow New Jersey gangster, but the “coolest experience” of being part of the HBO series was dismissed Defiled. Off-the-cuff commentary from a stranger between takes.

Speaking at the Nantucket Film Festival’s “Women Behind the Words” panel, Alison, 35, was asked if she had experienced

“There were about 10 stories scrambling from my head to my mouth and I was trying not to get them out,” she replied, according to Indiewire.

She continued: “I think one of those things, it’s just very quickly … as a young woman, coming up in our industry, people often underestimate your humanity.

“I was a stand-in for the pilot of Boardwalk Empire and it was the coolest experience ever, an amazing pilot. It was shot on film. It was incredible. But I was in Craft Services, a crew member He came over and stood up and said, “Then what are you doing here? Are you the brightest person on set? “

“That’s an example of me being at work and someone saying that to me.”

Allison also revealed that she had a bad experience in her career with an unnamed actor who made a mean comment after seeing her eat a pastry.

“One of the actors I worked with later looked at me eating pastry and said, ‘You don’t want to be successful?’ You know, those kinds of comments inevitably come up,” she said.


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