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Aman Launches Its First Yoga Collection


Aman, which offers transformative experiences for body, mind and soul, will launch Aman Essentials Yoga on June 21, a sustainable collection that includes a yoga mat with straps, two yoga blocks, a cork ball and rollers.

The new yoga collection is available for guests to use while on vacation, or through the Aman boutique and shop.aman.com for the comfort of home.

The Aman Essentials Yoga Collection includes:

• Aman Cork Yoga Mat with Bag and Straps – $480/£386/€449: The Aman yoga mat is made from sustainably sourced cork and backed with thick natural black rubber foam. The two materials combine to create a comfortable cushion on any surface with excellent non-slip properties ensuring a more grounded ride in foot traffic. Plus, the mat comes with a canvas shoulder strap for easy portability, while the detachable canvas bag is perfect for storing essentials.

• Aman Yoga Block Trio – $235/£185/€262

Aman Cork: Available in Small (23 x 7 x 12 cm) and Large (22 x 9 x 15 cm) sizes, Aman Cork is made from sustainably sourced cork and is part of the collection A tactile yet solid new product. Supporting yoga progression, these blocks can be used while participating in various forms of yoga, along with gentle stretches to help the body ease into and learn new poses.

Aman Cork Ball: The Aman Cork Ball is 8cm in diameter and is an excellent addition to relieving sore muscles and helps release any tightness when used as a target roller.
Aman Cork Cylinders: Aman Cork Cylinders are 30×10 cm and are designed to maximize the benefits of “foam” rolling, promoting blood flow to muscles, reducing muscle inflammation, relieving muscle pain, and increasing range of motion.

The entire collection was created with a focus on using 100% natural, sustainably sourced cork. Known for its hypoallergenic properties, cork is also durable, lightweight, insulates and warms, and has a tactile feel that enhances your daily yoga practice.

Renowned for its serene surroundings, spaciousness and unparalleled privacy, Aman’s global hotels and resorts have long provided holistic and personalized wellness experiences that guide guests to realize their full potential. Aman’s new Well-Living approach aims to optimize guests’ well-being by promoting lifelong change and longevity. Delivering innovative wellness services at Aman destinations through products from Aman Essentials, including immersive wellness retreats supervised by resident physicians and visiting specialists.

From personalized movement sessions at the iconic Amangiri, to guided practices in the forest at Aman Kyoto, yoga remains the foundation of the Aman resort experience. In the Aravalli hills of India, the home of yoga practice, Amanbagh’s Yoga and Mindfulness Immersion offers a minimum four-night program of movement and meditation for experienced yogis and beginners alike.

Meanwhile, amidst the rosy buildings of Marrakech, guests can enjoy a holistic immune support retreat at the palatial Amanjena, including daily yoga sessions in the resort’s serene oasis of palm trees and olive trees. Across the Atlantic, Amanera offers wellness retreats on its clifftops in the Dominican Republic. Anichi’s Healing Wellness Journey through March 2025 utilizes Taino wisdom to alter each individual’s state of consciousness, including moonlight yoga and mindfulness classes to bring a new sense of balance to life.

The Aman Essentials Yoga collection will be available at Aman Boutiques around the world – which also includes Aman’s line of activewear. – trade arab news agency


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