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American expats in the UAE prepare to celebrate Fourth of July


The American diaspora in the UAE is preparing to celebrate the Fourth of July, the American Independence Day. Residents and families will celebrate the 246th Independence Day by planning BBQ parties and picnics, and enjoy the authentic American way with hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, apple pie and more.

Some families took advantage of the extended Eid holiday to travel. UAE resident Naeema Zaki traveled to Egypt the day after the school break for Eid al-Fitr. “Eid al-Fitr this year is right before the Fourth of July. So we celebrate it overseas at a beach resort in Egypt because my husband is from there,” she said.

Zaki said it was rare for the whole family to be together due to the extended holidays. She added: “Normally on the 4th of July we get together to watch the fireworks. I usually stream it on YouTube. I call my mom and she goes to the pier (in America) and takes some pictures and sends For us. But this year is different because Eid comes around the same time and the whole family is together.”

Expats in UAE have made plans according to their own schedule. Natalia Miranda, who is at home this year because her son has yet to finish school, said: “There’s nothing more American than husking corn and drinking sweet iced tea. Even in the heat of Dubai, We can still enjoy a morsel of corn. “America’s”.

She added: “Last year, we came home to the air with the mouth-watering aromas of popcorn, sizzling grills and freshly harvested sweet corn, accompanied by the refreshing taste of sweet iced tea. 4th of July is a year One of the most important days of our lives.” Our most precious holiday. “

American expatriate Aaron Snyder will start working that day. He said: “I will go to work as usual, like everyone else. I also understand that many families are traveling to the United States this year, because residents enjoy the nearly nine-day Eid holiday. I am sure many people are taking full advantage of it.” This opportunity, because they might want to celebrate at home.”

Snyder was based in the Ruwais area, about 240 kilometers west of Abu Dhabi, where his activities were limited. But at night, Snyder can host a quieter celebration, “maybe me and some friends go to a local cafe for shisha and dinner.”

Some may mark the day by heading to restaurants in town offering meals and desserts, with some festivities starting early and restaurants rushing to offer takeaway.

Some restaurants in Dubai have also joined in the festivities with special menus, free games and other attractions planned.

Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah promises a CLAW BBQ from 1st to 4th July for a true Independence Day feast. “Dine on traditional American fare, join in on crazy games, enjoy live music, and soak up the atmosphere at our unrivaled CLAW BBQ! That’s not all! Indulge in our special 4th of July menu, which includes a BBQ Feast Platter and Shellfish Shebang Enter our hot dog eating contest and beer pong game to win great prizes. Our 50 screens will show all sporting events from around the world, so you won’t miss a game.”

An account executive at Weslodge Saloon in Dubai’s Business Bay told Khaleej Times that the venue will celebrate the upcoming 4th of July with a sumptuous feast. From July 3 to July 9, their three-course meal with a meat combo is priced at AED 245. Guests can enter the store from 5:30 pm.

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