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Analysis of top companies, growth drivers and future scope


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Posted on June 28, 2023

UAE Video Surveillance Market: Historical Overview, Current Growth Scenario and Future Prospects

The research report on UAE Video Surveillance Market Size, Share, Growth, Demand and Future Analysis (2023-2028) provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market landscape and its growth potential. It offers detailed insights into market size, share, overview and growth prospects, influencing factors and a comprehensive study of key drivers and trends related to this nascent industry. This study enables consumers to identify possibilities and challenges in the market. Additionally, it provides the latest information on technological advancements and growth prospects based on geographic context.

The report also highlights qualitative aspects of the study. It contains important research findings about the market landscape and investment potential. The Competitive Landscape section contains profiles of the major competitors in the industry. The leaders are meticulously assessed on the basis of their revenue size, service/product mix, regional distribution, key strategies and policies, and overall contribution to market growth.

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Competitive Landscape of UAE Video Surveillance Market: 2023-2028

The study presents a strategic overview of the market industry and analyzes the factors influencing competition in the market by listing the leading players and competitors in the market. The report covers vital topics such as feasibility study, SWOT analysis, market scenario, and forecast market data.

The analysis includes key players, their market shares, product portfolio, and company profiles. These market players are vetted on the basis of production volume, gross margin, market value, and price structure. The market competition scenario among the players will help the aspiring industry players in formulating their market strategies. The numbers in this study serve as precise and useful references when determining how to shape business growth. The following players were examined in the report:

  • – Aavigilon Corporation
  • – Axis Communications
  • – Hanwa Techwin Middle East FZE
  • – Honeywell International Corporation
  • – Bosch Security Systems
  • – CP Plus FZE
  • – Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. Ltd.
  • – Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
  • – Pelco Corporation
  • – Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
  • – others

📌 UAE Video Surveillance Market Growth 2023-2028:

During the forecast period 2023-2028, the UAE video surveillance market is expected to witness strong growth with a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 4.35%. This growth represents a significant increase in the size of the market, reflecting growing demand, emerging opportunities and positive market dynamics in the UAE video surveillance industry.

📌 UAE Video Surveillance Market Drivers:

Strengthening strategy for business sector development plan – The UAE government has been focusing primarily on the development of the country’s commercial sector, intending to shift its economic base towards the non-oil sector. The diversification plan aims to strengthen non-oil economic sectors such as hospitality and retail to meet the needs of the people of the UAE and ensure sustainable development even after oil reserves are depleted. As such, the government is investing and encouraging public-private partnerships to boost development in areas such as residential, commercial and industrial.

Hence, ongoing construction projects in Dubai Al Ain, Royal Atlantis, etc. have created a demand for video surveillance cameras as the government issued a directive circular under Dubai Municipality Regulations to make it mandatory to install surveillance cameras at all construction sites in 2016 Construction Safety Practices. Since then, sales of video surveillance components and solutions have grown significantly in the UAE as infrastructure projects have scaled up.

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Segment Analysis: UAE Video Surveillance Market Report 2023-2028

This section provides a comprehensive study of the UAE Video Surveillance Market Segmentation. It describes how to perform statistical analysis on market segment…

by component

  • camera
    • by type
      • analog camera
      • Web camera
      • fixed camera
      • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PAT) cameras
      • Other (thermal, panorama, etc.)
    • solve
      • standard resolution
      • Megapixel IP Camera
      • hd camera
    • monitor
    • through the media
      • Hard disk drive
      • SSD
      • optical storage medium
    • storage
      • storage area network
      • direct attached storage
      • network video recorder
      • network attached storage
      • digital video recorder
      • Unified or hybrid storage
    • software
      • Video Content Analysis
      • video management software
    • Accessories

by connection type

Classified by service

  • Video Surveillance as a Service
    • management services
    • baby sitting program
    • mixed service

end user

  • infrastructure
  • commercial
  • Residential
  • industrial
  • Institutional

It helps to understand the target market. Growth forecasts for 2023-2028 are provided at regional, country and regional levels. The study analyzes the key trends in each of the mentioned segments of the UAE video surveillance market. The study explores the opportunities, trends and important aspects that are driving the demand in the changing market.

📌 Regional Analysis: UAE Video Surveillance Market Report 2023-2028

  • dubai
  • Abu Dhabi and Al Ain
  • Sharjah and Northern UAE

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UAE Video Surveillance Market Report Highlights:

  1. Estimate market size and potential market.
  2. Evaluate the growth potential of the market during the forecast period.
  3. Determine how the market is affected by competitive factors.
  4. To analyze the key players in the UAE Video Surveillance Market including company profiles, production, product mix, value, price, gross margin, geographical distribution, and major advancements.
  5. Provides vital information on market trends, opportunities, challenges, new product launches, and regulatory approvals.

Areas of focus to support and drive UAE video surveillance market research projects and efforts include:

  1. To identify the basic and core competencies of new entrants and established players in the analyzed market.
  2. Recognize a fast-growing brand opportunity.
  3. Analyze the key competitive forces impacting the industry.
  4. Find out why the industry’s leading companies prefer specific enabling technologies over others.
  5. Examine the important pricing strategies and policies used by businesses in this industry to market their goods/services.
  6. Identify appropriate marketing strategies for a particular service or product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s): UAE Video Surveillance Market Research Report

  1. What is the market size of the UAE video surveillance market?
  2. What factors are contributing to the growth of the UAE video surveillance market?
  3. Who are the key players in the UAE video surveillance market?
  4. What is the projected growth rate of the UAE video surveillance market?
  5. How is Competition Affecting the UAE Video Surveillance Market?
  6. What is the future prospect of the UAE video surveillance market?
  7. Are there any risks or challenges in the UAE video surveillance market?

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