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Apple introduces iOS 17: Discover 5 remarkable features to anticipate

Just days after unveiling the new iPhone 15 series at the “Wonderlust” event in Cupertino, California, Apple rolled out iOS 17 on Monday. This enhanced operating system introduces several new features designed to elevate the overall user experience.


Users can now access at-a-glance information while their iPhone is charging. This information is presented in a full-screen format and can encompass a range of content, such as photos, various clock styles, weather forecasts, widgets, music playback, food delivery progress, game scores, and more. All you need to do is place your iPhone on its side during charging, and it will automatically begin displaying this information.

Live voicemail

This function offers live transcription when a voicemail is left. You can read the transcription and decide whether to accept or decline the call. Apple ensures that spam calls won’t be transcribed and will be automatically rejected.See the source image

Personal voice

This feature has been introduced to assist individuals with disabilities and those facing the potential loss of their voice. Users can access accessibility settings and choose the ‘Create a Personal Voice’ option. The phone will guide you through recording your voice, which will be saved. You can then use this voice to communicate with friends, and the phone can also read sentences aloud in your personalized voice.

Offline maps

With iOS 17, iPhone users can now download maps for offline use. You have the option to save a specific map area to your iPhone and utilize it for navigation without an internet connection. This feature proves especially useful when venturing into remote areas with weak or unreliable network coverage.

Contact posters

Apple has introduced a new feature that enables users to personalize their caller ID appearance. Users can create customized contact posters that will be displayed on the recipient’s screen when they receive a call. These posters can be either a personal photo or a memoji.

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