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Apprentice candidate Rhys Donnelly quits show after drinking on flight to Dubai


Sarah Packer, Chief Show Business Correspondent

February 9, 2023 21:02, updated on February 9, 2023 21:10

Apprentice candidate Reece Donnelly disqualified from show for drinking Alcohol flying to dubaileave sugar king furious.

The Glasgow drama school boss made it into his sixth week when, despite being told by producers to stay sober, he broke the show’s alcohol ban and was sent home.

On Thursday night’s episode, the cast were tasked with preparing a company day out for a high-end client in Dubai, but one team left one person behind after Reese failed to abide by the show’s rules.

A TV source told Daily Mail Australia: “Reese was sent home and was not filmed in Dubai.

“When he had a few drinks on the plane, the producers were unimpressed, even though he was told not to.

Lord Sugar is furious as Apprentice candidate Reece Donnelly is disqualified from gig after drinking on flight to Dubai
Despite producers telling candidates to stay sober, Glasgow drama school boss held out until week six, sent home after drinking on plane

“Lord Sugar was clearly furious and he couldn’t believe someone would risk his £250,000 investment for a glass of wine.

“He later told the board’s candidates that Reese had been eliminated.”

Reese was filmed and Lord Sugar told him via a pre-recorded video message that he was flying to Dubai with the rest of the cast.

Last week’s You’re Fired aired a preview segment that saw the show’s star riding camels and jet skis during a business trip in the UAE, but Reece was nowhere to be seen.

Returning to the board, Lord Sugar spoke of Reese’s sudden departure, saying: “So, as you know, Reece was unable to participate in the task and subsequently withdrew from the process.”

One candidate was still sacked in Thursday’s BBC series, meaning that by the end of the sixth week, two business hopefuls had left.

A spokesperson for Apprentice said: “Reece was unable to continue the process, which was discussed and agreed between Reece and the show’s producers.”

Bridal boutique owner Shannon Martin also quit the show in the second episode after deciding it wasn’t right for her.

On Thursday night’s episode, the cast were tasked with arranging a corporate day off for a high-profile client, but one team was left alone after Reese failed to abide by the show’s rules.
Reese narrowly avoided being sacked at the board last week after tying Mark Mosley for the bottom three and sacking Denisa Kaur Balji

In this year’s series, contestants take part in challenges under the watchful eye of Lord Sugar’s assistants Karen Brady and Tim Campbell.

The candidates have so far lacked business acumen, with Lord Sugar accusing the group of being “desperate”, “disappointing” and “diabolical” in recent weeks.

Shazia Hussain is the latest candidate to be fired after her team failed to impress with e-bike ads.

Avi Sharma and Bradley Johnson nearly got sacked after tense scenes at the boardroom.

Reese avoided being eliminated by finishing in the bottom three last week with Mark Mosley and firing Denisa Kaul-Budgee.

The current series kicks off with candidates flying to the Caribbean island of Antigua after producers said they were able to devote more of their budget to overseas assignments after years of the pandemic limited their options.


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