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As an Actor, Tyler Lepley Talks Artificial Intelligence in the Entertainment Industry – ‘It’ll Never Replace a Real Creativity’


As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to enter entertainment industry, Entertainers like Taylor Ripley are honest about the uncertainty of it all.

the future of technology

“I don’t want to date myself, but I don’t know much about it,” Ripley told AfroTech during Essence Culture Festival 2023, just before his #BlackBoyJoy panel AT&T Black Dreams. “I don’t have much experience with this. I haven’t used much, you know. I tried a little bit with ChatGPT, but I think they put out 2.0, 3.0… so it’s faster than I can actually download it into my system faster.”

Like many others in the game, Ripley spoke of Evolving technology.

“I feel like I got Mixed feelings On the one hand,” he said. “I feel like it can definitely be a tool to help us become more creative, more efficient, and help us achieve our goals faster. On the other hand, I feel that even though it’s getting more complex and advanced, I feel like it can never replace real creativity. So continuing to be yourself and not being discouraged by the next human or AI in this situation is a beautiful thing. “

Ripley made her debut in the 2012 film “Slumber Party Massacre” and the CW’s “90210,” and with roles on shows like “Rich and Poor,” “Harlem” and “Harlem,” It quickly took the TV world by storm. P-Valley. However, he admits that none of this has been an overnight success.

“I bet everything on myself,” he shared. “turn out exercising in this way, But as long as I give it my all and give it my all, I’m ok with losing. “

“Dark Dream”

What’s more, Ripley says, it’s “Dark Dreams” that has led to his current success as an actor.

“I feel like that’s the basis of what I’m here for,” the 36-year-old said. “Just have the guts to do it…to dream. We all come from humble beginnings, so when you’re not getting something, it’s hard to figure out how to get it. Again, for what we do as creatives , you have to have the courage to go forward and speak your dreams out loud.”


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