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Asia Monet Ray reveals how it feels to shoot dancing moms

Asia Monet Ray reveals how it feels to shoot dancing moms

After she spent a season Dancing mom And a series of first place, Asia Have done Continue to have her own series, Nurturing Asia, And finally decided to quit before her 10th birthday. “I started to get a little exhausted,” she explained, “a little tired of staring at my camera all the time.” Worried that lack of sleep and the constant nature of her own series would make her stop dancing forever, she walked out of the reality show. But it is not out of the spotlight. This high school student, who will turn 16 on August 10, has done a lot of exercise, modeling, cooperation with a series of brands and dedicated to music creation during the isolation period. She has a grand plan for 2022.

“I definitely think that reality shows provide me with a larger and broader platform around the world. Because even today, I meet some people who say that my show has just been broadcast in their country. They don’t know me. I’ve grown up. So it’s a constant cycle. People will keep seeing my life until it disappears, until I turn to something else.

I want to talk to any girl on the show, we all have such different experiences, different views on things or our feelings on these shows. But I feel that, in general, my experience is very good and I will not take back anything. I really enjoyed the time I spent there and grew up on TV. Although it looks like a lot, it does make me unforgettable for a lifetime, and I will never take it for granted. “

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