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Auditor, Khalifa University, Internal Audit Work



  • Identify and obtain necessary data from relevant source systems used by internal auditors to develop the data analysis required to support the audit team.
  • Work with Internal Audit, IT, and stakeholders to outline data requirements and gain the necessary access to acquire data and collaborate with Internal Audit on analysis.
  • Attend an opening planning meeting with the head of the department/department/function under review.
  • Participate in the development of detailed internal audit work plans to address identified risks as well as testing strategies.
  • Implement a testing strategy to achieve the objectives of the audit assignment.
  • Internal controls identified during the planning phase are tested within the scope documented in the risk assessment. Draw conclusions about the effectiveness of internal controls.
  • Use computer software to assist in performing analytical tests (CAATS).
  • Determine sufficient, truthful, reliable, relevant and useful information to support test results.
  • Prepare analysis results, recommendations and conclusions.
  • Document the work done during the course of understanding the business of the department/department/function under review.
  • Assist in identifying opportunities to leverage emerging technologies such as data analytics, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the audit process.
  • Assist in working with cross-functional teams to identify and assess risks associated with digital transformation initiatives and develop appropriate mitigation strategies.
  • Assist in establishing and maintaining strong partnerships with IT and other relevant departments to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s digital environment and its impact on the overall risk environment.
  • Perform an ad-hoc analysis request.
  • Document and acknowledge issues raised and management responses.
  • Prepare internal audit control exception form.
  • Participate in drafting internal audit reports.
  • Attend a closing meeting with the head of the department/department/function under review to discuss issues raised and proposed recommendations.
  • Conduct follow-up audit assignments to ensure that the corrective actions agreed in the report are implemented.
  • Update the audit activities of the e-government portal in a timely manner according to regulations.
  • Comply with the University’s information security and confidentiality policies and procedures and report breaches or other security risks accordingly
  • Coordinate with other departments as needed to facilitate completion of tasks and responsibilities

Perform any other tasks assigned by line manager


  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting, IT or a related field.

foreigner: At least 5 years relevant experience.

UAE nationals: At least 2 years relevant experience.

If you need further assistance or experience any problems with the online application, please contact the Recruitment Team (Recruitment Team@ku.ac.ae).

Main location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Work: expert

schedule: regular

transfer: standard

job type: full time


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