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Bandai Namco Entertainment invests in DeepMotion to pioneer new forms of entertainment with AI Motion technology

San Mateo, California, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DeepMotion, the leader in AI motion generation technology, announced today that Bandai Namco Entertainment has decided to invest in DeepMotion, Inc. under the Bandai Namco Entertainment Venture Capital Fund (“Bandai Namco Entertainment”). (“DeepMotion” 021 Fund”), which invests in startups to create new entertainment and build their “IP (characters and other intellectual property) Metaverse”.

DeepMotion uses AI to turn video into 3D animation - pictured is Avaturn's surreal avatar

DeepMotion uses AI to turn video into 3D animation – pictured is Avaturn’s surreal avatar

Through this investment, Bandai Namco Entertainment aims to integrate DeepMotion’s technology and expertise in AI-based motion generation and use motion intelligence to create new entertainment experiences.

“They’re doing motion detection and are pioneers in this technology,” says Yang Youyouthe investment leader of the fund, in Interview with GamesBeat “They can help us generate UGC content from fans and help them connect with our IP in a better way.”

The Metaverse represents a new frontier in entertainment, with the potential to create immersive and interactive experiences beyond traditional video games. With its expertise in AI motion generation, DeepMotion is well positioned to help Bandai Namco Entertainment realize its vision and goal of “Fun for All into the Future,” which aims to create new ways to foster engagement with partners and fans worldwide. Deep multifaceted relationships.

“We are excited to partner with Bandai Namco Entertainment to bring our AI motion generation technology to the forefront of entertainment,” said Kevin Ho, CEO of DeepMotion. “Our technology has the potential to take gaming to new levels of immersion and interactivity, and we’re excited to partner with Bandai Namco Entertainment to create a truly groundbreaking experience for gamers around the world.”

About Shendong

DeepMotion is a saint MatthewA company focused on generative AI technology for digital motion and AI-based animation tools. Founded in 2014, DeepMotion has become a leader in AI motion generation, working with a wide range of clients in the gaming and animation industries.

About Bandai Namco Entertainment

Bandai Namco exists to share dreams, fun and inspiration with people around the world. Connecting people and society in the process of enjoying unique entertainment products and services, we are striving to create a better future for everyone.
With IP (characters and other intellectual property rights) as the core of our business, we provide global fans with in-depth, long-lasting high-quality content and diverse entertainment through online content, console games and lifestyle entertainment.

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