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Bang Si Hyuk, JY Park, and Yang Hyun Suk are the top 3 individual financial asset holders in the K-entertainment industry + all 7 BTS members own over $7 million each

Bang Si Hyuk, JY Park, and Yang Hyun Suk are the top 3 individual financial asset holders in the K-entertainment industry + all 7 BTS members own over  million each

A data report by Korea CXO Research Institute On Feb. 15, KST assessed the distribution of personal financial assets in the Korean entertainment industry and found that a total of 34 individuals currently have financial assets exceeding 10 billion won (approximately $7.8 million). The study included financial assets related to domestically listed companies in the film, music, drama, web comics, and web novel industries, but excluded companies in the games, character development, toys, and travel industries.

First, the report reveals that the chairman HYBE label, Bang Shi Hyuk, is the undisputed number one owner of personal financial assets, owning stocks worth about 2.57 trillion won (about $2 billion). The combined value of the shares owned by all 34 individuals is said to be approximately 4.12 trillion won (approximately US$3.2 billion). 61.5% of that total went to Bang Si Hyuk, showing the overwhelming power of the music producer/entrepreneur in the industry.In fact, Bang Si-hyuk is believed to be the seventh-largest owner of overall personal financial assets in South Korea, after companies such as Lee Jae-yong; Executive Chairman of Samsung Electronics; Xu Zhengjin Honorary President Celltrion; Kim Bum Soofounder of cocoa; ETC.

In the entertainment industry, the second largest owner of personal financial assets after Bang Si Hyuk is JY Park (Park Jin Young), Chief Creative Officer JYP Entertainment. The report found that JY Park owns 395.9 billion won (approximately US$308.5 million) worth of stocks related to domestic listed entertainment companies. Next, YG Entertainment founder Liang Hyun Suk It ranks third, with stock worth about 165.7 billion won (about $129 million).

Of the 34 people found to have more than 10 billion won in entertainment industry financial assets, 11 held large shares in HYBE, including scooter brown (about 90.3 billion won) and Kim Shin Kyu, HYBE label management director (about 17.1 billion won).all seven BTS Members also fall into this category, with Suga, Jimin, Vand Tanaka Each owns shares worth about 13.3 billion won ($10.4 million). j-hope With the second largest stake of 12.2 billion won, RM Followed by 11.3 billion won, catty The group closed with a price of 10.2 billion won.

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