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Bangladeshi migrant workers in UAE first to get NID



The United Arab Emirates began distributing national ID cards to overseas remittances on Monday, with Bangladeshi migrant workers in the UAE set to be the first to receive them.

NID cards will be officially handed over to workers on Monday, a major milestone as it is the first time NID services have been provided to Bangladeshi expatriates abroad after three-and-a-half years of work.

Election Commissioner Ahsan Habib Khan said on Saturday the services would be extended to Bangladeshi workers in other parts of the Middle East and Europe.

While many Bangladeshi expatriates would like to contribute to the country’s economy, they are unable to send money through legal channels because they do not have a national identity card. They use illegal channels such as Hundi, he said.

He said that after obtaining the NID, they will be able to contribute to increasing the national reserve and ensure compliance with legal procedures, while having access to many other services such as mobile banking.

Ahsan Habib will lead a four-member delegation from the EC Secretariat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to kick off the distribution in Abu Dhabi, where more than 100 citizens will receive the NID after registration.

The process began after the Election Commission decided to provide voter registration and national identity cards to Bangladeshi citizens residing in the UAE.

In May, the committee’s team carried out necessary work, such as training, equipment installation, network settings, SMS notification of local mobile numbers, etc.

In June, the Bangladeshi Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Bangladeshi Consulate in Dubai launched a pilot program.


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