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Barbara Walters’ 2008 memoir was her ‘last audition’

Barbara Walters’ 2008 memoir was her ‘last audition’

Barbara Walters in Chicago - Credit: Getty Images

Barbara Walters in Chicago – Credit: Getty Images

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barbara walters will forever be remembered as Trailblazers for generations of women and journalistsbut in her 2008 book, Audition: A Memoirthe then 79-year-old wrote that she just wanted to be remembered as a good daughter and sister.

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“Most of my need to prove myself, to fulfill, to provide, to protect, can be traced back to my feelings for Jackie,” Walters wrote about her mentally handicapped older sister, who died of ovarian cancer in 1988. Up until Jackie’s death, Walters lamented that she “worryed about her, supported her, made decisions for her that my parents couldn’t make, and agonized over the fact that I couldn’t always love her, but she always loved me.”

That’s why Walters said she almost titled her book “Sister,” in honor of the person who has had the most profound impact on her life. But Walters ultimately chose the word “audition” because—as she puts it—“for me, my life has been one long audition—an attempt to make a difference and be accepted. “

barbara walters audition

barbara walters audition

Buy Barbara Walters auditions for $16.95

Although it has been almost 15 years audition After its release, the book has seen a resurgence in popularity after the legendary broadcaster passed away last week.As of this writing, physical copies of audition yes SOLD OUT ON AMAZON exist Barnes & Noble. Walmart still has a few copies audition remain, From $16.95.

with the print edition audition Sold out, audiobook version of Walters’ memoir hits No. 1 on Amazon Best Selling Biography List.

you can listen audition Free Audiobooks 30-day free trial vocalize here (Cancel anytime after free trial ends or continue for $14.95 per month).

Barbara Walters Audition Audiobook

Barbara Walters Audition Audiobook

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audiobook version of audition Running just over 26 hours, it is narrated by actress and playwright Bernadette Dunne.

Published May 2008, audition The book became an instant bestseller, and readers flocked to Walters’ stories, from her interviews with heads of state like Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro to her secret romance with former Republican Sen. Edward Brooke.

The book also chronicles Walters’ sometimes turbulent childhood, moving from Boston to Miami to New York while growing up with a Broadway producer father who also owned the legendary Latin Quarter nightclub. audition Also includes never-before-heard stories from Walters’ time with the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Princess Diana, Henry Kissinger and Angelina Jolie

Of course, no Walters autobiography would be complete without talking about landscapeand the reporter wasn’t shy about promoting the book on the talk show.

Although walters left landscape In 2014, she and type Editor Ramin Setoodeh’s exhibition on his new 2019 book, Ladies Who Punched and Kicked: The Explosive Inside Look at Viewpoint. That conversation with Setoodeh turned out to be one of final interview Walters once gave.

piercing ladies

piercing ladies

Buy it: Ladies of Boxing: The Explosive Inside Story of “The View” $15.12

Ladies who punch and kick yes Available on Amazon Hardcover, Kindle, and audiobooks.

As for auditionsigned copies of Walters’ memoir are on sale now Up to $160 on eBayafter her death, the bids will definitely increase.

as a book publisher audition Wrote, “Barbara Walters has auditioned all her life: for her boss at the TV network, for millions of viewers, for the most famous person in the world, and even for her own daughter, with whom she had a hard time But ultimately a rather fantastic and touching relationship. In a way, this book is her last audition, as she opens up completely about her private and public life. In doing so, she gives us a wow factor. Heartbreaking and honest, surprising and funny, sometimes startling but always engrossing.”

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