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Bayanat, Yahsat to develop UAE space ecosystem


AI-driven geospatial solutions company Bayanat and Al Yah Satellite Communications (Yahsat) have launched a space program to establish a national satellite remote sensing and Earth observation (EO) capability in the UAE.

The program will address business opportunities in the local and global EO markets from a commercial perspective.

The program is part of a collaboration between the two companies and ICEYE, a leading SAR satellite manufacturer based in Finland. Extending Bayanat’s capabilities into space allows the company to advance its growth strategy and become a preeminent player in the industry.

SAR is an active sensing system that illuminates the Earth’s surface and measures reflected signals to generate high-resolution images. Unlike traditional optical imaging satellites, SAR can capture images day and night, regardless of weather conditions or sunlight. ICEYE’s radar antennas cover larger geographic areas or, at the other end of the scale, provide higher-resolution imagery of smaller areas than other new space-based SAR satellite services.

Bayanat’s plan is to develop a constellation of at least five SAR Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to provide a coherent data stream for an end-to-end solution for SAR applications.

t will cover the entire value chain by leveraging available synergies from Yahsat’s upstream and midstream capabilities, including its leading satellite infrastructure and broad, fast-growing satellite-enabled innovative solutions, and Bayanat’s downstream capabilities, such as advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics , and will significantly enhance Bayanat’s commercial offerings by delivering timely and accurate valuable geospatial insights to various industries.

The program is a stepping stone towards a wider space ecosystem in the UAE, including the development of domestic satellite manufacturing capabilities. It will bring a range of strategic benefits to the nation, including access to sovereign SAR data collection, enhanced data privacy, and further building the nation’s resident capabilities for space exploration.

Furthermore, the program will promote cooperation among key strategic players in the UAE space ecosystem, strengthen the UAE’s position in space technology and open up new possibilities for Bayanat, Yahsat and the country’s future space exploration endeavors.

Hasan AlHosani, CEO of Bayanat, said: “The first LEO satellite, scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2024, will significantly enhance Bayanat’s existing offerings, thereby providing more comprehensive and high-quality services to local and international customers. Bayanat and The partnership between Iceye, in partnership with Yahsat, will advance the development of a sovereign EO ecosystem that will allow us to deliver cutting-edge solutions while contributing to skills development, scientific advancement and sustained economic growth. We are pleased to stand on at the forefront of this dynamic and fast-growing field and look forward to developing a commercial space program in the UAE.”

Ali Al Hashemi, CEO of Yahsat Group, said: “As part of Yahsat’s efforts to empower the space economy sector under the UAE Space Strategy 2030, we are delighted to be partnering with Bayanat on this ambitious initiative. Government-linked entities have joined forces to strengthen the UAE’s space leadership in the MENA region, backed by Yahsat’s world-class infrastructure and range of innovative solutions. We are also advancing new areas such as Earth observation, domestic manufacturing and Building the capabilities of the national space sector.”

Rafal Modrzewski, CEO and Co-Founder of ICEYE, said: “ICEYE is the world’s leading new space company today, with proven capabilities in designing, building and supplying customers with new-age SAR Earth observation satellites. We are proud to support Bayanat’s space program Contribute to meet the complex imagery requirements of their most demanding customers in the UAE.Before launch next year, we will provide access to satellites already in orbit so Bayanat can begin utilizing radar satellite imagery for public and private use in the UAE Benefiting sector clients.” – TradeArabia News Service


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