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Behind the Scenes on Kevin Costner’s Alleged ‘Yellowstone’ Drama (Exclusive)

Behind the Scenes on Kevin Costner’s Alleged ‘Yellowstone’ Drama (Exclusive)

yellowstone park reportedly in distress in the tension behind the scenes between Kevin Costner and creator taylor sheridan. While die-hard fans of the show wait to see how the supposed drama will shake out, ET is looking at the alleged rift and what caused it.

ET sat down with reporter Matthew Belloni, who is hockey news And was the first to report on the on-set challenges and disagreements that reportedly dogged the show during its fifth season.

According to Belloni, the drama has its roots in several possible factors, including disagreements over scheduling, salary disputes and personal friction between different key players.

“Kevin Costner, who is notoriously headstrong, has been feuding with the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, in the days he will be filming the next installment of the next season,” Belloni said.

according to A report earlier this monthCostner allegedly requested a week of filming to complete the remaining eight episodes of the second half of Season 5, which is scheduled to air in the summer. Paramount Network allegedly denied his request.

Belloni told ET that some people feel Costner is “very egotistical,” which is likely “in the yellowstone parkespecially recently, and a passion project he’s always wanted to do — directing the film horizon, a Western he directed and starred in. “

“He really wanted to put it up front yellowstone parkand producer yellowstone park Saying, ‘Hey, this show is your number one priority, and we’re paying you a lot of money to do this show. ’ Kevin was just very capricious and hell-bent on going his own way,” Belloni said. “It’s a struggle that’s been playing out behind the scenes for the past few months.

On Wednesday, Costner’s attorney, Marty Singer, A statement to ET denying the report Regarding Costner’s schedule request.

“The idea that Kevin is only willing to work on the second half of season 5 for a week yellowstone park is an absolute lie. It’s ridiculous,” Singer said. “Everyone who knows Kevin knows he’s passionate about the show and has always gone above and beyond to ensure its success. “

However, there were also reports that Costner was unhappy with having to work outside of the set filming period.

“the way yellowstone park Getting shot was Costner’s presence on set for a period of time,” Belloni said. “His stance was that for anything outside of his contracted filming time, he should have paid extra for it. But in Hollywood, it’s an unwritten rule when it comes time to promote your show or movie. “

“Costner asked for extra money to promote his show, and the producers thought it was a bit of a money grab for someone who was getting paid a lot for his services,” Belloni said.

July 2022, type reported that Costner is highest paid TV actorearn over $1 million per episode.

“According to my sources, Costner makes about $1.2 million per episode yellowstone parkand that’s not counting the overall deal that he’s got for an additional income,” Belloni said. “So if the season goes through 16 episodes as planned, he’ll be making over $20 million a season.

“if yellowstone park was chosen for season 6, and Costner will be in season 6, and he will get $1.5 million per episode,” Belloni said, citing Costner’s contract and seniority on the show.

However, it’s still an open question as to whether the next season will happen, or what will even happen to the remaining episodes of season 5.

yellowstone park It’s really in limbo right now until they figure out whether Costner will return or, more likely, whether he’ll be left out of the show,” Belloni said. “Once a decision is made, they can Finished writing the second half of this season, shoot it, it will probably air in the fall. “

“What makes this all so dramatic, and potentially so economically significant, is that yellowstone park When you look at the ratings, it’s the No. 1 show on TV,” he continued. “And it’s spawned all these spinoffs, and they’re planning to do more of that — and Costner’s all host of these shows. “

after success yellowstone park, Sheridan also created two prequel series1883 and subsequent series 1923each telling the story of different generations of the Dutton family — with Costner playing the current patriarch.

That being said, Belloni felt Costner and yellowstone parkIn the long run, producers are likely to be able to overcome the tension.

“I think the negativity has gotten to the point where it’s going to be very difficult for him to get back on the show,” Belloni said. “If I had to make a bet, I’d say he’d probably leave, the show would end, and they’d make a new version of it. yellowstone park Starring Matthew McConaughey and some other actors…maybe they end it completely and start over with someone new.but my guess is yellowstone park We know it’s probably going to be the end of the season. “

fans learned in early february McConaughey In talks to star in a new film yellowstone park series, which will act as a bridge during the transition, according to many kinds of Report.

A spokesperson for Paramount Network told ET in a statement at the time, “We have no news to report. Kevin Costner was a big part of that.” yellowstone park We expect this to be the case for a long time to come. Thanks to the ingenuity of Taylor Sheridan, we’ve been working on expanding the franchise of the incredible world he built. Matthew McConaughey is an extraordinary talent and we are delighted to work with him. “

More information on ongoing yellowstone park For drama, check out the video below.

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