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Berlinale series awards jury trio predicts TV awards will soon compete with films at major festivals


exclusive: the first ever member Berlin Film Festival Series Award Jury Predict TV awards will soon rival films at the world’s major film festivals.

Earlier is the studio boss Dana Stern, moonlight Star Andre Holland and Danish author Mette Heeno sat down with Deadline to discuss their choice of debut roles on the first day of the series market – the TV segment of the European Film Market Berlin Film Festival Series Prize Winner, the first TV drama award at the A-list film festival. They predict that the small screen will gain more acceptance in the near future.

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“I’ve been working in international television for years, and it’s really special that an A-list festival finally recognizes us and puts us on the same level as big-budget films and filmmakers,” Stern said. [other festivals] will follow suit. “

Stern said it was “ripe” to group TV and film together. If the move was earlier than a decade, she thinks it would be premature, but the Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed a wave of high-quality global TV content.

Along with many of his acting peers, Holland’s Damien Chazelle Netflix musical series vortex Competing at the Berlin Film Festival three years ago, he said he worked in both TV and film. “The barriers are getting thinner and it’s time for television to be recognized,” he added.

Heeno, whose credits include break up together and snow angel, Forecast major markets such as Berlin A variety of TV Gongs are coming soon.

“In time, we’ll get awards like Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematographer and Best Makeup [for TV]”Hino said.

She cited the BAFTA award All Quiet on the Western Front and Your Honor A textbook example of director Edward Berger as someone who blurs the lines between the two mediums.Berger is high on the back of Netflix all quiet The multi-award winning BAFTA show has recently struck a deal with Fremantle for global TV and film projects.

Stern said she “can’t think of a single director or writer who hasn’t said yes to a TV project.”

List of qualifiers

Holland, Stern and Hino have been busy juggling two episodes of seven TV shows vying for debuts Berlin Film Festival Series Awardsponsored by Deadline.

HBO Max Cold War Thriller and the like spy/master, disney+ good mothers and TV2’s agent Nominated, while Frank Doelger’s big-budget eco-thriller bee swarm is outside the game.

Chinese iQiyi drama series are also among them why try to change me nowFocusing on a Chinese drama was a new experience for the trio, with Holland acknowledging that Chinese dramas were “very fresh” to him and Stern saying she had never seen them.

“Since the anchor is not in China, it’s really interesting to see the parallels between this show and the [the streamers],” Stern said. “China has historically been so self-sufficient. “

Elsewhere, Disney+ Italy’s good mothers and Prime Video India’s Roar Take traditional masculine stories about the mafia and the police, respectively, and reimagine them with female protagonists.

Stern said “the majority of TV viewers are women, so it makes sense to have women in leading roles,” while Chino noted that this trend has been around for a while, emphasizing that it should become the norm.

“We’re biased in the way we talk about these things,” Heeno added. “We thought it was special to have a ‘female detective,’ but never used the word ‘male detective.'” If a detective is male, he is a ‘detective.’ “

Stern, who also sat on the Series Mania judging panel and watched dozens of shows, noted that “female-centric” and “environmental” shows are on the rise, adding “end effect” has led to a number of projects for the hearing-impaired.

Berlinale Series Awards to be presented tonight at the Palace of Zoological Gardens in Berlin, the shortlist is completed by Stein Drama delinquenent conduct and Viaplay architect (architect).

international opportunities

The jury unanimously agreed that the tectonic plates of television are changing dramatically, acknowledging that there are multiple berlin series market Discussion on how the streaming strategy shift and mass layoffs in the U.S. are affecting international discussions.

“The U.S. feels a little bit dead, and there’s a lot of international money now,” said Stern, who oversees Fuda and Stiessel During her run at Israel’s Yes Studios. “Multiple performances [in the U.S.]. Series is being pulled. It does feel like accountants have taken over the creative staff. “

Shortly after Stern, speaking at a series of market panels, shades of blue Creator Adi Hasak brand american tv A “disaster area” and the showrunners were encouraged to relocate.

European television has also benefited from multinational co-production models such as The Alliance and Nordic 12, which allow smaller countries to contribute to larger-budget projects, such as swarm.

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