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Bhumi Pednekar says ‘it’s the norm’ and she won’t get paid as much as her male counterparts: ‘But they want us to feel grateful’

Bhumi Pednekar says ‘it’s the norm’ and she won’t get paid as much as her male counterparts: ‘But they want us to feel grateful’

Bollywood’s pay gap issue hits headlines again Priyanka Chopra It was recently made public in an interview with the BBC. The actor mentioned how it took her 22 years to get paid as much as her male co-star. She also revealed that actresses are usually paid as little as one percent of the leading actor’s earnings. In a recent roundtable, Bhumi Pednekar, Huma Qureshi, Tamannah Bhatia, Rakul Preet Singh and Alaya F discussed how the pay gap continues to affect the careers of leading ladies.

Tamannah Bhatia said that as a female actress, the only way out is to create a strong market for herself. “There’s no other way,” she said, adding that the disparity is stark in the film industry but common in most places. In the case of Rakul Preet, she mentioned that it will be a long journey to get equal pay. She added that even if an actress is driving the film and adding the same value, she won’t get paid the same as a male actor.

Huma Qureshi, basking in the success of Monica O My Dear and Maharani, added that she may be the highest-paid actor of several of her projects, but the budget will never match Same project for male lead. Speaking at a roundtable organized by Bollywood Hungama, the actor said, “But we should also understand that men have created a market over the years. We cannot use 100 women’s films to promote 10 women’s films.”

When Tamannah Bhatia Emphasizes Someone Likes alia butt Having proven that women can achieve numbers, Bhumi Pednekar said change cannot come with them fighting for it. “I can have a Rs 1 or Rs 20 crore movie as much as my supporting actor. My work may be appreciated but my pay won’t come close to his pay, that’s the norm. Change as we fight. It has to happen from all sides. There are differences in the West as well, but the men there are standing up for women. They say pay less or get the same. I don’t want anyone to stand up for me though out, but there has to be empathy. People need to acknowledge the problem.”

For now, the Rakshabandhan actor said, they find solace in the fact that they are getting good jobs, but wonder why they don’t have the same money. She further shared that even after many years, people still wish they were grateful for good roles. “If the budget is 1.25 billion, men get a nice double digit figure, but they want me to be grateful. You come to me because I add a certain amount of credibility, but they always make it sound like It’s an opportunity.”

Echoing her thoughts, Huma Qureshi said that even after more than a decade in the film industry, actresses are always attracted to “opportunities”. That’s because most of them are “replaceable,” Rakul Preet added.

quotation Priyanka Chopra, the Cuttputlli actor said the offers were seen as opportunities because they knew the producers knew they had options. “Sometimes job offers come at the last minute, and you have to adapt if you want to work. It’s all because they know there’s another actor who can take over.”

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