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Witness: Dubai Couple Celebrates Big Fat Indian Wedding, Tying the Knot Mid-Flight

Dubai’s Dazzling Venue: The radiant city of Dubai witnessed a celestial celebration as Vidhi Popley, daughter of prominent UAE-based businessman Dilip Popley, exchanged vows with Hridesh Sainani. The groundbreaking wedding ceremony took place aboard a modified Boeing 747 aircraft, setting a new standard for grandeur.

Jetex’s Airborne Marvel

Private Charter Flight Operator: The unparalleled experience unfolded with the assistance of Jetex, a renowned private charter flight operator. The Popley family, synonymous with prestigious jewelry establishments, hosted 350 esteemed guests from across the globe for this extraordinary event.

From VIP Terminal to Airborne Bliss: Flight

Festivities Take Flight: The Jetex VIP terminal near Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai, served as the starting point, where the ‘baaraat’ arrived. Guests were treated to light bites and beverages before embarking on the airborne journey.

Sacred Ceremony in the Skies

Unique Onboard Nuptials: A sacred ceremony, attended exclusively by immediate family members, unfolded aboard the Boeing 747. Meanwhile, other guests engaged in lively group games, creating an unforgettable airborne celebration.

Dubai’s Sky-High Legacy

Sequel to Past Skybound Celebrations: This isn’t the first time the Popley family has celebrated love in the skies. In 1994, Laxman Popley, owner of Popley Jewelers, made headlines with his son Dilip’s wedding to Sunita on an Air India flight.

Dreams Fulfilled in Dubai: Flight

Homebound Bliss: “Dubai is my home, and this is the sequel to the wedding in the sky,” shared Dilip Popley. “I’ve always dreamt of doing this for my daughter, and there’s no place better than Dubai as it fulfills all the dreams.”

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