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The Blockchain Oasis of Oman: BITMAIN, Exahertz, and Moonwalk Systems Forge Unprecedented Tech Partnership

BITMAIN, the world’s leading ASIC manufacturer, alongside with Exahertz and Moonwalk Systems are thrilled to unveil a historic partnership that’s set to reshape Oman’s tech landscape. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward as Exahertz takes on the role of hosting upwards of 10,000 state-of-the-art BITMAIN machines in the pioneering Exahertz Technology Park, nestled in Salalah, Oman.

This isn’t just any partnership – it’s BITMAIN ‘s first-ever hosting venture in the Middle East and a groundbreaking initiative for hydro computers worldwide. The Exahertz Technology Park, standing tall as the Middle East’s largest private Blockchain Data center, underscores Exahertz’ unwavering commitment to innovation and progress.

This exciting journey has been all about meticulous planning and adaptability. Exahertz International, recently kicked off a pilot phase of Exahertz Technology Park in Salalah. In collaboration with their strategic partners Moonwalk Systems, they rigorously testing and optimizing the hydro systems to ensure peak performance in local conditions and challenges. This underscores their shared dedication to top-tier quality. the teams have ingeniously tailored the containers that house this tech to perfectly suit the unique Middle Eastern environment, and these tweaks and collaboration have garnered BITMAIN ‘s attention and mutual respect.

An impressive highlight by Exahertz Team involves using treated grey water to efficiently cool down the data center computers. This innovative approach maximizes efficiency while staying environmentally responsible. The treated grey water, after being thoroughly cleaned, is returned to the earth responsibly, reflecting the commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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Jad Fredrick Kharma, CEO of Exahertz, articulate his vision, affirming, “Our mission transcends the introduction and adoption of cutting-edge technology; we are unwavering in our commitment to elevate Oman’s proficiency and prominence within the domains of modular IT infrastructure, the innovative design of hyper-scale data centers, and the cutting-edge landscape of high-performance blockchain technology.

Sam Ferdows CEO of Moonwalk Systems at “World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS 2023) in Hong Kong”

In Sam Ferdows’ words, the CEO of Moonwalk Systems, “We’re excited about this partnership with BITMAIN and look forward to being a key partner for them in the region. Our goal is for Exahertz Technology Park to be the benchmark for all blockchain data centres in the region and the world for hydro solutions.”

BITMAIN ‘s Director is equally enthusiastic about this strategic partnership. He emphasizes, “This collaboration allows BITMAIN to have a stronger presence in the region, utilizing our advanced technology.”

The partnership’s kick-off ceremony was graced by His Highness Sayyid Marwan Turki Al Said and H.E Eng. Saeed Bin Hamoud Al Mawali, Minister of Transport, Communications, and Information, as well as esteemed ministers, highlighting its national importance.
In essence, the Exahertz and BITMAIN partnership goes beyond technology; it’s a catalyst for shaping Oman’s future in alignment with Vision 2040. This collaboration exemplifies how working together towards a common vision can propel us towards extraordinary opportunities with limitless possibilities.




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