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Brent Leatherwood says he ‘loves’ Bodie

Brent Leatherwood says he ‘loves’ Bodie

Bodie Kuljian performs season 22 of NBC’s The Voice in a video released online November 28, 2022. |

‘The Voice’ winner Brent Leatherwood shared his love for fan favorite Bodie as fans chanted his name in the season finale, stressing he’ll be rooting for him too Contestants.

Leatherwood, who won season 22 of the pop singing competition show, shared in a recent interview how he feels about the tremendous support Bodie has received throughout the season CinemaBlend.

“I’m sure everybody here has a huge fan base, and Bodie probably has a few more fans than me in the crowd, you know,” he said. “Hey, that’s cool. I love Bodie, and who can blame them? If I was in the crowd, I’d be cheering for Bodie too. It’s just a blessing, man. There are so many incredible artists this season, I So happy to represent all of them as winners. I say that with great pride.”

Bodie, a Southern California native, runs a media company with his wife and Serve as a “Music Coach” The worship collective at a local Christian college has been a fan favorite throughout the latest season of the show.

In the season finale, the father-of-three sang a song deductive Brandon Lake’s “Grateful” moved the judges to tears.After the show, a high percentage of fan votes golden derby Said Bodie should have won.

But for his part, Bodie said “second place wasn’t that bad,” adding: “I’m just happy to finally be free to make music and do what I want. You’re going to see what I do this year.” Some of the coolest things happen.”

An outspoken Christian, the 29-year-old artist use his platform Encouragement to anyone battling depression – he’s been battling himself.

In December, the artist said he had “broken up” with depression after connecting with God. He revealed his song, “happy now,” was born out of that experience.

“I was tired of seeing songs on radio pop-ups that romanticized the idea of ​​depression, the idea of ​​us grieving together. I think I paid more attention or noticed the rise in suicide rates among young people after that. It started to irritate me in a way that I can’t really explain,” he said December 7th video.

Bodie described his “breakup” with depression as a “normal breakup.”

“I know it’s not just a simple off or on switch,” he said. “Like a normal breakup, it hurts and takes time to heal. Maybe your journey doesn’t look exactly like mine, but to me, it’s not until I connect with God and realize true joy and true Where does freedom come from?”

The artist said he made a “personal decision” to “come out and break up with those things in my life, break up with the world that was affecting me in a negative way and say, ‘You know what, I’m called so much more than my situation. In this painful time, I am called to be more than just how I feel.’”

In 2020, he reflect “Hearing God’s Voice” During His Battle With Mental Health.

“It’s been an overworked, sleep-deprived season in order to support a family, but as I lean more on what God has said, the more I discover…the more I learn…the more I get,” he said. Said it was written at that time. “If you’re in a season of fear, anxiety, hopelessness, or loneliness, there’s hope and a sense of fulfillment all around you. Hit your kids and let’s talk.”

Since quitting The Voice, Bodie has been on social media: He wrote on Dec. 14: “I’m overwhelmed by the love and support you guys have shown me through this process. If you love what I do on the show, please wait until you see/hear what I have planned.”

Leah M. Klett is a reporter for The Christian Post. She can be reached at: leah.klett@christianpost.com

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