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Busy schedules for UAE schools last week before spring break – News

School calendars filled with family counseling days, staff training, special Ramadan lessons as holidays begin March 27

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published: Monday, March 20, 2023 at 9:03 pm

Last updated: Monday, March 20, 2023 at 10:00pm

The principal of the UAE school believes that the last week of school before the start of spring break provides many learning opportunities for students.

Most international curriculum schools in the UAE will start their two-week long spring break on March 27.

Craig Halsall, Principal of Reach British School, said: “Many of our students have also been busy preparing messages for their mothers to celebrate Arabic Mother’s Day. In addition, many of our students are currently participating in the ISP Arabic Spelling Bee, where they are competing with other students in the area. ISP schools focus on Arabic while competing with their peers.

“We have Family Advisory Days this week. Not only will our families spend time with teachers on the wards, they will also attend a series of curriculum workshops. Our Parent Advisory Council will also be meeting to continue discussing the next phase of our school improvement plan ,” she added.

“We are also excited to have plans for our community Iftar, which will be held the week we all return from vacation. Our students are also looking forward to participating in the ISP Quran competition, also held after spring break.”

Staff meetings and training on the school agenda

Faculty will attend staff benefit meetings and some training.

“Our librarians are busy putting together a list of recommendations in English and Arabic that our students can read over spring break. Our Arabic teachers are also working with our students to prepare for the ISP Quran competition, which The game will start after the break,” said Nebras International School Principal Dr Jay Teston.

“We are very proud of our students’ involvement in these activities as they support the UAE national agenda and ensure that our students improve their literacy in both languages.

“Many of our mothers will join us when we host an Arabic Mother’s Day picnic in our elementary school. Our students have made lovely cards, will sing a special song and celebrate all that is great as they enjoy snacks together mothers. Our secondary school students have also prepared messages and will be sharing them to mark the day,” he added.

Ramadan education for students

In the week leading up to the holidays, agencies are organizing staff-student games, reading events, STEAM competitions, business forums and parent workshops.

James McDonald, Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Wesgreen International School, Sharjah, said: “We ensure that our students learn about Ramadan, its rituals and history through assemblies, lectures and lessons. Teachers encourage our students to reflect on this special time of year their values ​​and practices.”

Emmanuel Keteku, Head Principal of GEMS Winchester School – Fujairah, said: “We are committed to educating our students about the values ​​and traditions of Ramadan. The school organizes a range of engaging activities, one of which is a special assembly for students in all year groups. The Congress will feature presentations that provide valuable insights into the meaning and spiritual practices of Ramadan and its impact on the Muslim community in the UAE and globally.In addition, the school has planned a number of classroom activities covering the history of Ramadan, principles of Islamic charity and the role of prayer and reflection in everyday life Lessons such as the importance of

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