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campechano Juan Carlos I from Abu Dhabi: “Thank you for congratulating me on the purchase of 85 tacos”


king Juan Carlos I He left his native Spain for the third year in a row on Thursday, marking his 85th birthday.She has no hope of returning from Abu Dhabi, after collecting commissions, tax fraud, tax haven accounts and sending money to “close friends” such as Corinne Larsonfather King Felipe VI He received congratulations from relatives on his birthday, such as the granddaughter of his biggest fan, victoria federicaand the media to whom he answered the phone with a gracious “Thank you very much for congratulating me on my 85 tacos.” Everything seems to indicate that it will not be easy for him to return to our country without being shocked by his presence.

2023 will be a pivotal year for the Spanish royal family, as they SpanishWhasApp has successfully communicated the number of the honorary king’s birthday and he has answered.

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He was reportedly one of hundreds of texts and phone calls wishing Christmas, and while he didn’t seem to have the time to respond to each one, he has responded to a number of media outlets wishing them “good luck.” New Year 2023″.

For nearly three years on Arab lands, the emeritus faced the emergence of data and details about “certain past events” about his “private life” as the government seemed not at all to blame, so According to the publication, Juan Carlos may have felt “abandoned” by the executive.

Moreover, he was separated from his country, estranged from his son Felipe VI, but not from his daughters, who came to Albia to be with him on such an important day.of which (divorced Christina), some grandchildren (Floyland and her shenanigans, Victoria Federica and her public exposure) and her, there is no way to restore the lost respect.In addition to these challenges, there are complaints and programme Corinna recounts her relationship with him and 18 years of being an heiress. No, no matter how many hammocks he used in Abu Dhabi, he didn’t have an easy old age.

Election Can Negate Your Ritual

This year her granddaughter turns 18, Lionel, the first in line to the throne, from October 31, 2023, the young woman must co-swear the Constitution in Parliament and the Senate, which will officially make her the heir to the throne. If you’re the king and the girl’s grandfather, this is an institutional sex act not to be missed.

But it’s not clear that campechano will be able to present itself effortlessly, so the electoral calendar could make things difficult, even if we still have 10 months to go. The government is trying to align the princess’ birthday date with the election call in early December and make sure the young heiress doesn’t have her birthday now that Cortez has been disbanded.

The 45th anniversary of the Constitution is also supposed to be celebrated on December 6, but again, the state is tight on dates due to election issues. It was during the 40th anniversary celebrations that the emeritus set foot in Cortez, Spain for the last time.

After a long year, the government is trying to remove the image of Juan Carlos I from global photos of the motherland’s monarchy so as not to pollute it. In the year we just started, the king’s father was going to have to deal with that mud.


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