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Celebrating Israel in the UAE, philanthropist Eitan Neishlos shares his


As Abu Dhabi celebrated Israel’s 75th anniversary, Israeli philanthropist and businessman Eitan Neishlos shared his commitment to promoting peace and coexistence in the Middle East.

“Today, I stand before you as a proud Israeli, a proud resident of the UAE, in the shadow of the Abraham Accords,” said Neishlos, founder and president of the Neishlos Foundation & Neishlos Capital. A great gift from the leaders of our two countries, the United Arab Emirates is taking the lead in opening the door for peace and prosperity in our region. As citizens and residents, we have a responsibility to adopt and pursue the values ​​of these agreements.”

Organized by the Israeli embassy, ​​the event marked the first-ever Israel National Day reception in the UAE and represented the latest milestone in the Abraham Accords between the two countries. More than 600 guests attended, including UAE Minister of State Ahmed bin Ali Mohammed Al Sayeq, as well as other government officials, members of the UAE diplomatic corps, business representatives, rabbis and leaders of the country’s Jewish community people.

Philanthropist and businessman Eitan Neishlos and Israeli ambassador to the UAE Amir Hayek at the first Israeli Independence Day celebrations in the UAE (Image credit: Israeli Embassy in the UAE)

In his speech, Neishlos highlighted how the UAE’s thriving business environment and conditions have enabled Neishlos Capital and its foundation to carry out its mission at the highest level.

“We’re investing our capital, we’re investing our technology, we’re investing our expertise in fintech and security, and we’re doing it with our social awareness intact,” he said. “But that’s not all. Business can’t just be about making a profit.”

A businessman with decades of experience in Australia, South Africa and Israel, Neishlos has been actively involved in projects related to financial inclusion in developing countries and has innovated fintech with a social conscience, always pursuing the mission entrusted to him by his late grandmother: to promote Tolerance and coexistence.

“Our charity was deeply inspired by my late grandmother Tamara who survived the Holocaust at the age of 11 because the Chodosevitch family saved her, paying the ultimate price and losing her life while holding six Moon’s life. – old baby,” recalls Neishlos.

“They are righteous among the nations and their lives will not be in vain,” he added. “As God bears witness to me, I commit to using my time and money to promote peace and coexistence. The best place is the United Arab Emirates.”

Echoing Neishlos’ vision, the reception featured many powerful celebrations of peace and hope for a shared future: Among them, Emirati singer Ahmed Al-Hosni and Israeli singer Nicole Raviv sang the United Arab Emirates’ national anthem “Aishi Raviv” for the first time. Biladi”‘ and the Israeli national anthem ‘Hatikva’. Al-Hosni also sang the iconic Israeli song “You and I Will Change the World” in Hebrew and Arabic with the song’s composer, Miki Gavrielov.


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