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Reminder: Obstructing Civil Defence Vehicles in UAE Can Incur a Dh50,000 Fine User

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence has issued a reminder to warehouse and store owners about the stringent penalties associated with obstructing the entrance or impeding Civil Defence vehicles. The violation, outlined in Resolution No.24 of 2012, carries a hefty fine of Dh50,000. Offenders must promptly rectify the issue post-fine issuance, failing which their licenses may face suspension.

Motorists Beware: Dh3,000 Fine for Ignoring Emergency Vehicles

UAE drivers who fail to yield to emergency, ambulance, and police vehicles risk a Dh3,000 fine, six traffic points, and a 30-day vehicle confiscation. The importance of giving these vehicles clear passage is emphasized to avoid delays in responding to accidents, fires, or other emergencies.

Penalties for Obstructing Authorities and Rescue Operations: Civil Defence Vehicles 

Motorists obstructing authorities in regulating traffic, as well as impeding rescue vehicles during emergencies, crises, or floods, may be fined Dh1,000, receive four black points, and face a 60-day vehicle confiscation. Authorities stress the critical need for unobstructed access to facilitate swift response to various situations.

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