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Clip: Surfer Saves Person in Strong Ocean Currents Near US Beach

A viral video depicts a surfer rescuing a drowning man at Long Island Beach in New Jersey, USA. Steve Houser, a former US Marine, was surfing with his daughter on a bodyboard when he noticed distressed swimmers.

He signaled lifeguards for help and then leaped into the ocean. The incident occurred during a video shoot to promote bodyboarding. In the footage posted on YouTube, Houser spots struggling swimmers while riding turbulent waters.

He aids a drowning man by allowing him to cling to the bodyboard and guides him to safety amidst strong currents. Everyone successfully makes it out of the water.

Houser, upon sharing the video, expressed, “Happy to be in the right place at the right time.” According to ABC7, Steve Houser has previously rescued swimmers. The rescued individual, Gabe McCabe, shared that he had never experienced such a situation, describing it as energy-draining.

Describing the rescue, Houser said, “With those currents, it could have turned out really deadly, and having that inflatable board that I had, a really buoyant board, right when Gabe grabbed onto that board, I knew I had him.”

Unfortunately, two swimmers lost their lives, and one went missing over the weekend due to rip currents near the New Jersey shore.

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