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Commissioners approve ECR entertainment contract – Akron News Reporter


Washington County Courthouse, Akron, Colorado

The Washington County Commission meets on Tuesday, June 13. Bill Dorrenbahcer said a prayer and then took an oath of allegiance.Chairperson Lea Ann Laybourn called the meeting at 8:06 am

Agreed that the agenda was approved with revision.

The topic of Saturday night fairs requiring nightly show tickets in beer gardens was brought up again, with Wayne Dreyer and Dave Boss representing the Knights of Columbus and Byron Gay representing the Washington County Fair Board and Trent Twiss were in attendance.

Dreyer started by saying that the Knights of Columbus appreciate the prayers that precede each meeting, saying it’s very refreshing to keep everything on track.

“We were asked to ask beer garden patrons who didn’t have concert tickets to leave, and the Knights of Columbus disagreed,” Dreyer said.

Knight asked about alternatives and listed pros and cons.

“The good thing about the county is that the revenue will go back to the Fairness Commission. Another way of saying it is that people who are so close to the beer garden don’t have to buy a ticket, which is not fair to ticket buyers. The bad thing is the disgruntled and insulted customers. Not really Everyone in the beer garden wanted to go to the concert and it didn’t feel right for us to drive the Cavaliers out of the beer garden. Some just wanted to socialize. Another argument is that it’s okay to listen anywhere in town or at a fairground to the concert,” Dreyer said.

The Knights of Columbus initially proposed two proposals to try to compromise, and presented them at the committee meeting on June 6.

The first was to change the decision and just seal off the location so people could enjoy the beer garden, where they could serve and at concerts. The second option is to reserve a second beer garden spot, possibly in the gazebo, for those without tickets. Dreher added another option, saying that because it could be a funding issue, earmark the money to the fairness commission so that the money can be added to their budget.

The map provided by the Cavaliers includes a barrier between the beer garden and the concert to allow for two service areas. Persia explained more about the barriers, adding that when complete they will be seven feet tall and strong so customers won’t be able to see through them.

“If they’re in a beer garden, they won’t see the concert at all. However, I believe that when people buy concert tickets, they want to see the concert, not just hear it,” says Boss.

Guy suggests the Cavaliers charge $10 for admission to the beer garden, which is cheaper than the admission price. They can still cordon off the area and provide service as planned. The Cavaliers will keep all profits from the beer, but hand over the service fee to the Fairness Commission. The service fee is waived if the patron presents a concert ticket.

Dreyer said he appreciates the choice. Twiss said the Knights of Columbus had helped advertise the concert in the past and thought some of that money might go back to the Knights as advertising dollars.

Asked when they start charging for service, Dreyer suggested 6pm as minors are asked to leave the beer garden at that time.

Commissioner Kent Vance said it was a matter for the Fairness Commission, not the Commissioner, but the Fairness Commission was more than willing to work with them. Guy added that he believed it was the fairest option.

Persia mentions that the profits are shared with the county and asks if some of the profits are earmarked to the fair board in lieu of service fees. Guy and Twiss asked the Knights of Columbus to attend the upcoming Equity Board meeting on June 19 because they were unable to make a decision on behalf of the entire Equity Board.

County Executive Misty Peterson submitted the East Colorado Roundup Concert Agreement and it was approved by the Board of Trustees.

Schott’s Building Permit 23-18 has been approved for a 1,700 sq. ft. home and 900 sq. ft. garage on 27.5 acres in Merino.

Valerie Hibbert of the Northeast Colorado Revolving Loan Fund was in attendance. NCRLF is a nonprofit organization that has been in operation since 1988, providing small business loans to six counties in northeastern Colorado. They don’t compete with banks, they work with them.

NCRLF has loaned more than $31 million since its inception. In Washington County, they have loaned over $2 million and funded 73 loans. One of the main goals they seek is to create and retain jobs. The NCRLF supports 244 jobs in the Washington County area and more than 2,600 jobs in the region as a whole.

Hibbert said she’s here to ask Washington County to participate in the community development application so she can apply to HUD for $1 million in funding that will go to six counties in northeastern Colorado. She added that Washington County has been involved in the past and hopes to be able to provide funding for these small businesses. She has to meet with all six counties, but hopes to complete and hold public hearings by the end of the month. Commissioners have no problem but have to get their lawyers to sign off.

Maintenance director Matt Green said he would like a company to come in and clean the courthouse’s interior and exterior windows. That was included in this year’s budget, Peterson said, and the board approved a $2,681 purchase request for Cliff’s Custom Cleaning.

Commissioner Giselle Jefferson inquired about the dog show arena purchase approved earlier this year. Green says it’s here and they’re going to install it at the event center this week to make sure all the parts are there. Promotions Agent Anne Mason has been invited to inspect dimensions and layout.

Peterson provided the Commission with a copy of the public road easement for County Road 53 between the county and Jordan Willeke for review. Peterson said she will send it to Willek this week if nothing changes.

Sheriff Robbie Furrow filed a capital purchase request for the justice center’s boiler system, which has been an issue for the past five or six years. He said they have been patching bugs and bugs that should have been fixed last year but were delayed. Last year, it cost $190,000 to fix. This year, the fee is $205,203.28. Sheriff Frow said he knew it was a lot of money, but it was something that needed to be done. Peterson said there is money in the budget, and Sheriff Furrow said things are improving at the Justice Center, which will help financially. Board of Directors approves capital purchase of new boiler system for Justice Center.

Subsequently, the board approved the submission of a letter to the Governor retaining Gary Beedy on the Transportation Committee for District 11.

Commissioner Leburn said she attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Colorado Power Channel in Morgan County last Wednesday and intended to try and issue a press release. The committee said they hope to hold a similar event in Washington County.

The meeting was adjourned at 8.57 am for lack of other business.

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