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Communicating Effectively: A Success Story of Empowering the UAE


In a world of rapid technological and scientific advances and opportunities, it is vital to have a professional national human resource capable of leading our future in the field of strategic communications.

These individuals should be able to highlight the extraordinary achievements of the UAE and share its success stories in various fields with the world. Recognizing the importance of investing in the country’s human capital, the leadership places people at the forefront of its priorities, as it believes that the true wealth of the UAE lies in their development and empowerment, ultimately contributing to sustainable development.

The UAE has strategically established government communications and media systems in accordance with the highest international standards. The system includes professional media strategies, policies, laws, legislation and administrative regulations that support the work of the media. Its goals are to enhance the UAE’s reputation, demonstrate its soft power, and create an integrated government communications system within the federal entity.

The focus is on achieving balance and integration of strategic relationships between all federal, local and international entities, organizing local media initiatives and programs, and facilitating effective communications with local and international media outlets and influencers. This communication is designed to deliver meaningful and insightful content, communicate strategic and media messages, and effectively address media issues and crises.

In early January 2023, the UAE Government Media Office launched the latest installment of its ‘Government Communication Specialists’ programme.

Latest Media and Communication Trends

The program highlights the important role government communications teams play in developing communications plans and supporting government efforts to communicate their success stories to the world. The program aims to achieve future goals and translate policies and strategies into reality through the participation of qualified and professional national professionals capable of advancing sustainable human development.

The program brings together government communications executives, officials from government entities involved in communications, digital and social media experts, academics and industry professionals. It serves as an interactive platform for the exchange of knowledge and skills, enabling participants to benefit from media expertise.

The program I had the pleasure of participating in covered a wide range of topics, including the latest media and communication trends, media crisis management, spokesperson skills, direct communication with the media, content development and management on social media platforms, digital artificial intelligence (AI) Marketing tools of the times, developing media and strategic messages, presenting government stories in an engaging manner, and planning government communications campaigns aligned with our country’s ambitions in the field of government communications.

The final visit was to the UK where we had the opportunity to learn about the latest media trends and practices employed by the UK Government Media Office. We also conducted on-site visits to several agencies to review their best practices in government communications.

These experiences will undoubtedly be reflected in the communication activities of our team. In addition, we have completed a dedicated media program in partnership with London Business School.

The UAE’s exemplary experience in government communications has inspired several countries to benefit from this expertise. They attempt to transfer and apply these practices in their own societies through benchmarking or implementing joint training programs.

These initiatives help to strengthen the cohesion of nations and communities, facilitate constructive communication between governments and members of society, and educate them on all that is beneficial to the goals of sustainable development and human prosperity.

Finally, I would like to thank the UAE Government Media Office team for their dedication in creating this exceptional and innovative professional programme.

The content has been carefully designed to develop government leaders who can meet leadership directives through ambitious and effective government communications.

Alya Hassan Al Yassi is a UAE researcher and strategic media expert.


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